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December 21st, 2009

Nebraska And Huckabee Respond To Ben “Benedict” Nelson’s Christmas Senate Sellout

America LostMidnight manipulations, closed door deals, criminal-like compromise and senate sellouts… Is this the type of Christmas tradition Obama is preparing for America on his first ever Christmas eve in the White House?

If Obama is the Scrooge then the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” in a story too scary for kids is Iowa’s own Nebraska neighbor and Branstad buddy, Ben “Benedict” Nelson, who according to Mike Huckabee gave Nebraskans a lump of coal for Christmas.

Over 1800 disgruntled Nebraskans filled the Omaha Civic Center Sunday afternoon dropping family festivities with a half day notice in response to a sellout move by their character swerving senator Ben Nelson.  His “unprecedented and historic” decisive cloture vote for President Obama’s health care plan could end up being political suicide according to a Tarrance poll released Sunday. The poll indicated 17% of Nebraskans would be somewhat less likely to reelect Nelson while 44% would strongly be less likely to vote again for Ben.

The same poll results released by American Future Fund (AFF) showed health care reform is the #1 issue among Nebraska voters.  The poll, taken over the past two days while the Senate debated health care reform legislation comes as a huge blow to proponents of President Obama’s plan.

[youtube TgoNkJsIOOo]

67% of Nebraska voters oppose health care plan.  Regardless of this data it was no problem for Obama’s midnight massacre administration to wave a taxpayer weary wand to pull off the magic of convincing Ben “Benedict” Nelson to side with the minority 33% of Nelson’s constituency. AFF spokesman Nick Ryan said, “The people of Nebraska are clear in their disdain for this bill.  Senator Nelson needs to listen to his constituents and vote against this detrimental bill.”

Ryan continued, “The polling also indicates that the people of Nebraska won’t let Sen. Nelson have it both ways by voting for cloture and against the bill overall.  They clearly want Sen. Nelson to do what’s right – vote no on cloture – and vote no on any bill.”  Unfortunately the Grinch did strike late last night as the Senate indeed made the 60-40 hari kari health bill start its internal bleeding.

I suppose Nelson’s new job could be some kind of Czar for Obama when his Senate seat is rocket propelled ejected out from underneath from him in mayday fashion next election judgment day.  Hey, Obama got Hillary to shush it to a degree with a power position trade.  Perhaps Nelson will be “Czar of Compromise” with his now famous resume of broken promises in what will no doubt be celebrity villain recognition.

What I do know firsthand is that it was probably good for his personal bill of health that Nelson was not in attendance at the Omaha Civic center Sunday.  A good old fashioned tar and feathering would have been a gesture of merciful hospitality for a crowd of betrayed, bewildered and broken hearted Nebraskans.  I’ve been to tea party type events all year and yet this was different in the one specific aspect.  Everyone there was emotionally fired up about Ben Nelson.

Several statements were read firsthand from Republicans and Democrats alike well entrenched in Nebraskan politics that denounced Benedict Nelson’s switcheroo.  Then Mike Huckabee took the stage and eloquently acknowledged the deceitful duplicity of Ben Nelson and the impact it will have on our beloved country.

With 300 million dollars in kickbacks for Nebraska I wonder what residual payback may trickle back personally to such a man. When Huckabee spoke of the $300 deal he joked that Arkansas got nothing, then he referenced another famous betrayal that did not work out so well that went down for a mere 30 pieces of silver in history past. Then Jenny Beth Martin of ended the speaker line up with a “never give up” mantra speech.

After the event I spoke with Perre Neilan, the executive director of Nebraska’s Republican Party, who was holding a brand new sign.  The state GOP launched a new Web site to collect funds to oust the Democrat in the 2012 election. He said the slogan was conceived of the night before and the printer made the signs Sunday morning in hopes to coral the angst to the end Ben’s political career in Nebraska.

So now here is my blog-esque-Doogie-Howser-what-I-personally-learned-today-summary… No longer will I give Obama liberals and their supporters the benefit of the doubt.  Nebraska voters have made this TEApublican wiser.  I believe Iowa elections are super duper important for Iowa as well as America.  Look north to Minnesota and think about how close the whole Al Franken senate scenario was.  Let’s wake up Iowa. Our neighbors have taught us a valuable lesson.

In short, in my opinion Mike Huckabee was right about everything he said Sunday. He was in the zone, but for content sake I wish he wasn’t because he spoke of a painful truth about America.  After covering over 20 campaign and related events, this was by far the best speech I ever heard him give live in person.

Bob Vander Plaats was right too.  Vander Plaats, an Iowa gubernatorial candidate called out fellow candidate Terry Branstad in an TIR article last week due to Branstad’s support of getting Ben Nelson elected to the senate in the first place.

Like, loathe or love it, Huckabee and Vander Plaats were right this week, but being right this week has no glory, no gloating or no gratitude because this week is Christmas and the Nelson Grinch stole Christmas.  And I haven’t even addressed the abortion aspect and the liberty restraining repercussions of Ben Nelson and his liberal friends.  We are now inheriting detrimental debt of serious consequence to our children that will make taxpayers sicker than ever in all of history.

Now a miracle is needed to change that liberal Grinch heart from ruining our country, lessening our liberty and shaking up our constitution like a snow globe.

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