March 23rd, 2009

Mundane Monday? Not when you read Krusty!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Lots of stuff I want to touch on as we start the week. So let’s get to it!

SEIU Member of the Decade: Marshall Clemons

Seriously, who goes to the State Capitol and digs through the table where various lobbyists keep their bags and briefcases. I think this guy must have lost his mind. Not only did Mr. Clemons embarrass the SEIU, but he also makes it more difficult for Democrats to pass one of Big Labor’s legislative priorities.

This session has been public relations a public relation disaster for the labor unions. The House failed to pass prevailing wage legislation by just one vote, and Speaker Murphy drew attention to it my keeping the voting machine open all weekend. Then House democrats got all hot and bothered about Choice of Doctor Legislation, the business and medical community called their bluff, and now one of their poster boys got arrested for stealing at the Capitol. Good grief, the labor bosses might as well pack up and drive back to Illinois.

What the heck happened in Fairfield last week?

Grassley Opponent

First, Chuck Grassley gets a token opponent in Bob Krause. Proving that she is the best reporter in the state, Kay Henderson gives us for back ground on the guy.

“Krause was elected to the Iowa legislature when he was 22 years old and served six years representing his hometown area before running unsuccessfully for state treasurer in 1978. Krause has worked behind the scenes on campaigns dating back to 1970 and he worked in the Carter Administration as a regional official for the U.S. Department of Transportation.”

Krause is from Fairfield. He is going to get slaughtered.

Northey Opponent

Francis Thicke also from Fairfield is going to run for Secretary of Ag against Bill Northey. Good luck with that… Ticke and his wife, Susan, are owners and operators of an organic, grass-based dairy farm near Fairfield . They process their milk on the farm and market it locally through grocery stores and restaurants.

Thicke is going to get slaughtered.

Maybe it’s a good time to look at the 2010 Dem Dream Team…

United States Senate – Bob Krause (Who?)
Governor – Chet Culver (Already below 50% approval rating and still has navigate budget issues)
Secretary of State – Mauro (not well known yet, R’s would be smart to target)
Attorney General – Miller (entrenched)
Treasurer – Fitzgerald (Big problems. Screwed up and lost a bunch of IPERS money, he also gets to be the one who actually does the work to burden future generations with $750 million of debt once Culver and the Democrats pass their bonding bill)
Auditor – Hello (echo..echo..)

Outside of their statewide they have Dave Loebsack, Bruce Braley, and the Boz.

That’s not a very exciting ticket folks, especially when people are pissed off about economic issues…

I think there is blood in the water.

Back to Fairfield…

Did I read this right? We might bond for $750 million so we can build a ten story Tower of Invincibility for the Maharishi in Fairfield, err I mean Vedic City?

Chet Culver’s Tower of Invincibility, I can’t wait to see the TV ads if that happens.

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