June 29th, 2009

More candidates emerging

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Written by: Constitution Daily

fongAfter the news of Senator Randy Feenstra and Story County Treasurer Dave Jamison looking at running for State Treasurer, we have more good news about possible candidates for other seats.

Christian Fong, a young Cedar Rapids businessman, is seriously considering a run for Governor. Krusty hit on this last Friday and didn’t think it was a good move for Fong. With his experience, Fong must be thought of as a serious contender but will have to raise a lot of money to raise his name ID. He also must outline a conservative message on both the fiscal and social fronts. You can read some of Fong’s writings on the Iowa economy by clicking here. His candidacy in this race has the potential to drastically change the dynamics of this campaign.

For Secretary of State we have two individuals interested, Attorney and Councilman Matt Schultz of Council Bluffs and former U.S. Senate candidate George Eichhorn. I know both have been fairly vocal about wanting to run for that seat. However, I have not seen much for movement so far from either man. We’ll hopefully get some serious campaigning out of each to raise their name ID across the state. If Schultz runs a Secretary of State’s race like his council campaigns he’ll do a fine job. Of course, Eichhorn will need to really step it up after his last performance running for the U.S. Senate.

We also have a potentially very strong candidate in Boswell’s 3rd District. Dave Funk has been talking with key individuals about taking on Boswell this time around. Dave Funk is a former military man with good conservative views. He’s also the Safari Club’s Iowa Chapter President. The Safari Club is dedicated to protecting our freedom to hunt and wildlife conservation worldwide. Funk will be an aggressive candidate who won’t let Boswell slide on the issues most important to voters in the 3rd District.

And finally we have former U.S. Senate candidates Christopher Reed and Steve Rathje, as well as former Congressional candidates Marrianette Miller-Meeks and Peter Teahen looking at Loebsack’s seat. Rathje, Reed, and Miller-Meeks are using Facebook to offer their views. Neither Reed nor Rathje ran great campaigns the last time around but with a smaller geographic to cover, we’ll hopefully see a more intense primary. If the fundraising isn’t better this time around, we’ll have a repeat performance. Benchmarks by both men need to be set and met before they are seriously looked at as candidates. Teahen lost a tough primary to Miller-Meeks in 2008 but still has plenty of name ID in the area. It will be interesting to see who decides to run and who doesn’t. I do think all candidates learned a lot from their first runs at federal office so we will have better campaigns to take over this seat from the sleeping fool Loebsack.

I’m sure we’ll have a lot more candidates entering these races soon enough. But at this point, with the addition of some newcomers, it looks like we’ll offer a better field of candidates up and down the ticket than the 2008 election.

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