July 20th, 2009

Monday Musings: Prayer, Protests & Poor Parenting

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

Prayers Needed

First things first. The American soldier being held captive needs everyone’s prayers. Please take a moment to pray for the safe return of Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdah of Hailey, Idaho. Also remember his family and friends, who must be beside themselves with worry right now.

A Site to See in Salt Lake City

Now back to the messed up things going on back in our country…

Apparently a bunch of gay people thought they would win people over by staging a “kiss-in” in front of the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City.

Yep, grossing people out who are completely morally opposed to your lifestyle is a sure way to win friends.

Poor Parenting

I couldn’t help but notice the blaring headline that graced Des Moines Register website all weekend.

Chief justice’s husband charged at alcohol party

I guess even people who are supposed to have everything don’t always have good judgment, which, in this case, is pretty ironic…

About the Author

Battleground Iowa
Emily Geiger writes from a conservative perspective on everything from politics to religion to pop culture. Like the original Emily of Revolutionary War era, this Emily is delivering important messages crucial to winning the raging war of the time, but today, this is a culture war rather than a traditional one. And, like the original Emily, sometimes it takes a woman to do (or say) that which lesser men lack the courage and tenacity to do.

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