June 1st, 2009

Monday’s Musings

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

chet-tranceCulver Stands By Appointment of Kate Gronstal

RPI Chairman Matt Strawn called the appointment of Kate Gronstal to the I-Jobs board, “political nepotism.” Culver responded to Strawn by saying “That doesn’t deserve a comment.”

And why should Culver respond when he has the Des Moines Register to defending the Kate Gronstal appointment in their article. I’m not surprised that the article was written by my good friend Jason Clayworth…

Clayworth went on to say that the board is made up of one Republican, two no-party voters, and three Democrats. He failed to mention that all six of the people that were appointed had contributed to Democrats in the past. Something that I pointed out last week.

Pelosi to Swing by Middle School so Taxpayers can pay for her Travel.

Nancy Pelosi is coming to Des Moines for a big fundraiser at the end of this week, and now she is also going to be stopping by Hiatt Middle School to talk about education issues. Let me just say that the reason Pelosi is coming to Iowa is to raise money, she is only visiting the school so that her campaign or the DCCC doesn’t have to pay the tab for her to fly on a government jet, we do!

2012 Caucuses Loom

Doug Gross’s right hand man, Rich Schwarm said told the national Journal in March that, “I wouldn’t tell anybody not to [compete] yet, but I’d say you have to look at it, which is the first time I’ve ever given that advice.”

Now Rich is telling the Associated Press, “We had a brief pause for two or three months when people went somewhere warm, and then it starts again. Most of the old war horses hear the bell and start responding again.”

No word on whether or not he is advising people not to come to Iowa.


I don’t know who sets the calendar, but am I the only one who thinks today should be Memorial Day and not last week? I know its June 1st, but Memorial Day in the middle of the month sucked. So this is all you guys get to day. Deal with it.

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