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December 26th, 2009

Miller-Meeks: Health Care Bill Doesn’t Benefit Working Americans

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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millermeeksWhile Senate Democrats praised themselves today on the passage of a bill that drastically reshapes America’s health care system, Republican congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks warned its crushing costs will fall on middle-income families in Iowa and across the nation.

“The bill approved today will benefit insurance companies at the cost of the taxpayer and ordinary working, middle-income Iowans and Americans. It does not bend the cost curve down or control escalating health care costs,” the Ottumwa ophthalmologist said this morning. “It will increase health insurance premiums. Despite its tremendous cost, it does not provide universal coverage and, even more importantly, it fails to provide portable insurance for individuals so they’re able to keep their insurance coverage as they go from one job to another or one state to another.”

Miller-Meeks noted that Rep. David Loebsack voted for the House version that will be the basis for negotiations with the Senate as the two chambers work to cobble together a compromise bill early in 2010.

“The Senate bill is terrible. Unfortunately, the House bill is even worse. The entire process led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is a disaster for America because it’s going to cost trillions of dollars going forward and it’s going to make the health-care system worse instead of better. It’s already been widely reported that Nebraskans will never have to pay the increased costs for Medicaid. That was a deal that was cut to get Senator Ben Nelson to vote for it. We can only imagine how many more deals like that are going to have to be made at the expense of the American people so the Democrats can get the votes they need to take over our health care system.”

She added, “If there’s ever a time when David Loebsack should listen to his constituents and support representative democracy, this is it. He needs to meet with the people of this district during the next few weeks and represent them instead of representing Nancy Pelosi. And, I urge the people of the Second District to call Congressman Loebsack and tell him to stop this destructive bill by voting no.”

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