June 24th, 2009

Midwesterners Sour on Stimulus, Paints a Bad Picture for Culver’s Future.

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

chet-trance160% of the Midwesterners surveyed in a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll think that President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan is crap. I’m not surprised. This is what happens when government gives billions of taxpayer dollars to huge corporations, and does nothing for the little guy. Seriously, give me one example of how these stimulus dollars have helped you? That’s right, you can’t.

On a more local level, the state of Iowa received over $600 million in stimulus, which Governor Culver has already used. That money wasn’t used to stimulate the economy here in Iowa; it was used to make sure state spending could continue at its historically high levels. Basically it allowed Culver and other state leaders the ability to ignore the reality of our state’s declining revenue and declining employment numbers.

Governor Culver probably isn’t smart enough to realize that the public sentiment on Obama’s faux stimulus plan isn’t good for him either. On one level, the poll shows the frustration people have regarding the government response. People are paying attention. This isn’t some issue that voters are likely to forget when Culver comes around to campaign. On another level, it may indicate that Culver’s $830 million bonding scheme might cause Iowans to vote out an incumbent governor for the first time since 1962.

Culver’s I-Jobs plan is simply his version of Obama’s stimulus package. The only difference between the two is that Culver isn’t able to print the money he needs, so he instead took out a $1.6 billion mortgage so he could build storm sewers and pave roads. Like Obama’s stimulus package, the taxpayer who is being asked to put up the money for this program will not see any impact in their daily lives.

Culver is already facing poor polling numbers (51% disapprove of the job he is doing), and 71% of Iowans already disapproved of his bonding proposal. How on earth an unpopular Governor, promoting an unpopular program will get re-elected is beyond me.

What am I thinking? Culver is out there instilling confidence, right?

I’m governing. I’m getting things done,” Governor Chet Culver.

It’s always a bad sign when a sitting Governor has to tell people he is governing. Chet’s on the rocks folks.

Five words you never want to hear from the state’s Economic Development team.

We’re here to spend money,” Thom Hart, Iowa Department of Economic Development.

No Thom, You’re here to spend OUR money.

People are missing an important piece of the Kiernan story.

First, Kiernan wants to run for Congress, but I have to question whether or not his recent actions help him with that goal. I think he is doing more damage than good for Iowa Democrats.

But the real story is why on earth did Mike Glover file an AP story over and incident that happened NINE days ago? I have never seen an AP reporter be so much in bed with a party leader. This is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe Glover will get around to covering the Hatch story if someone over at RPI would send out a press release on the incident.

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