May 19th, 2009

MFSA – Digging a little deeper

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mfsaYesterday’s lead article, “At the Intersection of Faith and Politics,” addressed the future appearance by Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the Methodist Federation for Social Action’s Awards Banquet coming up in June. I don’t know how anyone can even defend Rev. Wright, let alone proliferate his message.

Since most everyone will agree that Rev. Wright is a despicable person who needs to become a forgotten footnote in history, I thought it necessary to define the people who are behind bringing him to Iowa.

According to The Methodist Federation for Social Action’s (MFSA) mission statement, they mobilize “clergy and laity within The United Methodist Church to take action on issues of peace, poverty and people’s rights within the church, the nation and the world.” Of course like any mission statement, that really could mean anything. But if you look at their Advocacy Alerts page, you can get a better idea of what this group stands for. In the past few months they’ve been advocating gay marriage, gay rights, illegal immigration, living wage, and many other liberal issues. Basically, it’s obvious they are just another radical liberal group. The problem is, they are doing this under the guise of the Methodist church. Roll back the clock to the Viet Nam era and I’m convinced you would find members of this group leading anti-war protests and activities.

My next step was to look at the individuals who make up the Iowa Chapter of MFSA. Here’s a quick run down of how each is registered to vote.

Coordinator, Eloise Cranke, Democrat

Co-President, Jim Pemble, Democrat

Co-President, Inez Dawes, Democrat – also former employee of Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church and her husband was a pastor.

National Vice-President, Betty Ellis, Democrat

Treasurer, Brian Carter, Democrat

Membership, Michael Biklen, Democrat – reportedly once suspended from ministry for having relations with a woman he was counseling.

Secretary, Diane McClanahan, Democrat

Peace and Justice Advocate, Chet Guinn, Democrat

In case you have the observation skills of a 2 year old, all Iowa Chapter officials are registered Democrats. And judging by their statements on their website, they are rabid liberals to boot.

What I can’t quite get to the bottom of is the connection this group has with the United Methodist Church. Obviously there is some coordination otherwise they wouldn’t have their annual awards banquet in conjunction with the Iowa United Methodists event.

I will draw this parallel… If a group calling itself “Republicans for Social Action” held an event at the same time and in the same general vicinity of the Republican State Convention, it would be the same kind of guilt-by-association we see with Methodists for Social Action linking their annual banquet with the church’s Annual Conference.

I know very conservative United Methodists who are appalled and even angry with MFSA’s guest and event. At the same time, members of this group wear the United Methodist label as well.

Hmm… Sound much like some perceive our Republican Party these days?

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