May 18th, 2009

Medicare For All = Disaster

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

obamahealthcareSo apparently the powers that be are all huddled up in Washington D.C. with the mission to overhaul our health care system, they call their proposal – Medicare for All.

The Obama administration claims that they are only going to offer these new benefits to people who don’t currently have insurance. That could very well be the case, but if they move forward with this proposal why would any employer offer health insurance benefits to their employees?

Look, health care benefits are some of the largest costs that employers have to pay. In times like these when the economy is in the tank and businesses are struggling, why wouldn’t a company like Principle Financial just cut the health benefits for its 16,000 workers and let their workers sign up for Medicare?

In no time at all, America’s health care system will be just another government entitlement that we simply cannot afford. Medicare in its current form cannot sustain itself. The Social Security system is broke. And now Obama wants to add another massive entitlement program.

Not only will Obama’s health care plan end up requiring us to pay more in taxes, it will also take massive amounts of money out of our economy. Once the government starts to ration care, they will also determine how much doctors and nurses can make. Why would a graduate today want to go to medical school whey he or she could potentially see their government put limits on what they can earn?

This is one area where Republican needs to be the party of “no.” Our schools can’t even afford mashing tape and simple supplies. Many teachers buy their own school supplies for their classrooms. Will physicians go above and beyond and give their patients more than what the government will allow? I doubt it.

We need innovative free market solutions in health care, not more government involvement in our lives.

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