August 27th, 2009

Mark Sanford, Ted Kennedy & Michael Jackson

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Go Away, Governor, Go Far, Far Away

mark-sanford_460x306You know you’re in trouble when your own lieutenant governor from your own party (who doesn’t want to run for governor in the next general election) calls for your resignation.

That’s exactly where Mark Sanford is at right now. Every day, this keeps getting worse and worse. First there was the embarrassment that was the initial confession. Then there were the emails. Then he tried to work it out with his wife (supposedly), and then it became so obvious he wasn’t sincere in his efforts that his wife moved out.

And now, his own lieutenant governor says it’s time for him to go away. With all of the travel scandals accompanying this overarching scandal, it has become clear that the next legislative session in South Carolina will be dominated by more headlines of wrongdoing.

The lieutenant governor wants to avoid that. I think he’s right. It’s long past time that Sanford go find a hole and hide there for a long time.

Ted Kennedy = Michael Jackson

I just can’t help but make the comparison.

Both died recently.

Both were giants in their fields.

Both have commanded obsessive media coverage in life and in death.

And both’s accomplishments will always be tainted by the scandals they brought on themselves and the belief of so many that they ruined others’ lives.

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