April 17th, 2009

Livid Liberals… Gotta Love It

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

Offended by tax protesters, not tax evaders

Offended by tax protesters, not tax evaders

Well, I’d say from the news coverage over the last few days that the Tea Parties on Wednesday ruffled more than a few feathers.

I saw one news story about a pretty perturbed congresswoman who called these tax protests “despicable.” And let me tell you, this woman knows despicable; she’s lived with it every day for years.

You know, I get why she doesn’t understand this. I mean, paying taxes seems optional for people in her family, so why should she care if other people are upset that they have to pay too much?

Anderson in his natural habitat

Anderson in his natural habitat

And then there is the story of all the irate cable news people who are trying to divert attention from the actual news story (that hundreds of thousands of people turned out to protest high taxes) by getting in the gutter and making sex jokes about the “teabaggers.”

Yep, they’re that desperate. And you know… those who talk about it the most are usually the people with the least to brag about, so I now know pretty much everything I need to know about David Shuster and Anderson Cooper.

Shouldn’t Anderson be off covering some war zone while in a flak jacket? I miss the good old days when he was getting shot at.

Maddow:  (allegedly) a girl

Maddow: (allegedly) a girl

And why do I get the feeling that Rachel Maddow really knows nothing about tea bags anyways? I mean, really, she’s not foolin’ nobody.

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