April 13th, 2009

Like Masters and Slaves…

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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jackhatchI’ve been thinking. Maybe State Senator Jack Hatch was on to something when he said that Senate and House leadership were treating people like himself and Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad like “[n-words], like master and slaves.”

You see, I think a lot of people see Iowa House Speaker Murphy and Senate Majority Leader Gronstal as the masters, and the rest of their respective members on their chambers are the slaves. I guess one might even say that the Iowa State Capitol is the plantation.

The slaves are expected to do the hard work of door knocking, walking in numerous parades, and spending considerable time away from their family all in an effort to get elected. Once they do or say anything to get elected, they are then expected to “vote” for the one who took care of them as their leader. This person helped fund their campaigns, talked to them on the phones and kept them going when the wanted to give up. It is this person who they “elect” as their master.

Once the master is selected, the slave is expected to fall in line. Of course some of the slaves have been loyal longer to the master than others, and thus, they receive perks that others don’t get to enjoy. All of the slaves are allowed to draft legislation, but only the slave master determines what will be debated and what the slaves can and cannot vote on.

Yes, we have all learned recently what led Senator Hatch say that he and Ako were treated like “[n-words], like master and slaves.”

I find it a little ironic that Master Murphy is outraged by people chanting “Let us Vote” and someone throwing a piece of gum towards his burgundy fro, but he isn’t outraged when Senator Jack Hatch walks into his chamber and drops the n-word.

And why should he be? Iowa State University invited Senator Hatch to honor one of its most distinguished alumni: George Washington Carver. I hope Sen. Hatch didn’t drop any n-bombs while he was up there. It also looks like Rep. Wayne Ford, who didn’t know if his friendship with Hatch could ever be restored, got over it really quickly. And I’m also told Iowa State didn’t really care about Hatch’s previous comment since only a small crowd was going to be there.

So what can we make of all of this.

First, you can drop the n-bomb on the floor of the Iowa House, but for the love of God, don’t speak out when the legislators are going to raise your taxes or let the Supreme Court write the laws that govern our state.

Second, when you do drop the n-bomb, all you have to do it meet with a select group of African-Americans. When you do that, you can pass go and collect your two hundred dollars.

Third, while Master Gronstal and Master Murphy refuse to let their slaves speak on the issue of marriage, it is really the people of Iowa who are enslaved to these white men.

Fourth, the way everything is going, some Christian group is going to award Master Gronstal for his support of family values in this state.

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