November 18th, 2009

Liberty Morning HD Slide Show And Video Round Up Part 1 With Ron Paul, Kent Sorenson, Tom Lathan, Steve Deace


It’s official the Liberty Morning event was a smash hit!  If you were there you know what I mean.  Congrads to Kent Sorenson, who is off to a great start at defeating democrat Staci Appel.

Click this line for Dave Davidson’s Artjournalism image gallery of the Liberty Morning Event –

Enjoy below the Liberty Morning HD Slide Show with Ron Paul, Kent Sorenson, Tom Lathan and Steve Deace.  Dave Funk is also pictured.  (More video content is being loaded to the TEApublican youtube channel, but for now enjoy some of Kent’s opening remark which is now ready to view.)

[youtube TzsLo4eRdGc]

[youtube YcI1vi5wXsc]

[youtube p0EWUim4jAo]

[youtube u4xvniPC_8U]

[youtube F_oeBEpM41g]

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