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April 10th, 2009

Letter to the Editor: Shame on the Des Moines Register

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

The Des Moines Register on April 5, 2009 and its band of Liberal town criers have once again stooped to a new low in the use of so called unbiased journalism. Boasting that the Iowa courts legislative act will aid in the increase to the tourism dollars and the Iowa economy with gay marriage dollars is really hitting the bottom of the barrel.

The state of Iowa should in no way be proud to become the homosexual marriage capital of the Midwest nor should Iowa be proud of the fact that homosexuals traveling to Iowa and spending money in this state will do anything but add to the already tarnished image of the great state of Iowa.

The homosexuals with all their money to spend are traveling to Iowa for one reason only; to be joined in marriage (in no way is this Holy Matrimony) and have no stake in the welfare of this state and are using this state of Iowa as their common pimp.

These outside individuals and with their agenda have taken advantage of the money grabbing Iowa Legislature and the continued promotion of the Liberal agenda in the courts and the activist Judges that make laws from the bench instead of the legal residence voters of Iowa through the ballet box.

The majority of the money that made all this homosexual marriage mess possible didn’t come from Iowans but from activist’s homosexual organizations far from Iowa. These funding organizations don’t give a damn about Iowa, just ensuring that their agenda is being forced onto this state by buying off selected individual legislative influence with their election campaign donations; thus ensuring that the real residence of Iowa don’t get a chance to have their voices heard by voting on a Constitutional Amendment that would define marriage as being between a MAN & WOMAN. If voting Iowans were allowed to cast their vote the gay agenda would be soundly defeated by the voters of Iowa through the ballot box.

These outside organizations with their homosexual agenda’s didn’t help to settle the state of Iowa or assist in building this state. The building of the state of Iowa was accomplished by the hard working true residence of Iowa; from the farmers that help to feed the nation and the world, to the workers in all walks of life that go to work each day in manufacturing, construction, insurance, banking, etc. The true residence (registered voters) of Iowa are the holders of the key to taking back our state through the ballot box.

The money grabbing shame that The Des Moines Register and its band of Liberal town criers has bestowed upon the state of Iowa can be taken back and corrected by remembering the voting records of our legislatures, the court appointed legislators (judges) writing laws from the bench. This can be accomplished by exercising our civic duty and voting these activists in the legislature out of office at the next election. This voting duty should be considered when casting your ballot at all levels of Iowa government; township, city, county and state.

Submitted By: Andrew L. Grovo, Waukee, Iowa

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