September 24th, 2009

Leaner Limbaugh Flexes Tenacity On Leno’s New Show

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Written by: TEApublican
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In case you missed it Rush Limbaugh was on the Jay Leno’s new show Thursday night.

The media icons  squabbled over the auto industry bailout with Limbaugh citing that even Leno would be more suitable to run auto industry than Obama, due to Jay’s vast personal car kingdom.  Limbaugh cited that he didn’t want any hands of Washington running the auto industry.

Perhaps the best moment was when Jay started a question with the phrase, “You and I, I think would agree…”  Limbaugh was quick to not even accept the premise of Leno’s leading statement in part one of the interview.

The  edgy debate continued as the broadcasting veterans exchanged polite, but bruising blows on health care scoring mutual isolated applause with Limbaugh’s rant gaining the loudest sounding accolade. Leno seemingly represented a compaassionate liberal point of view in a devil’s advocate position in his questioning.

Click here to watch part two of the interview.

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