August 13th, 2009

Krusty Town Hall: Starring Grassley, Chet, and Glover

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

chet-tranceWow, there is a lot to get to today. Sorry for my prolonged absence. I was on the golf course enjoying the summer temperatures that finally arrived.

Grassley vs. The Mob

I’m blown away by the number of people who turned out to express their feelings about ObamaCare. For all the people who emailed me saying that I went too far the other day in my article about Grassley, the frustration that was contained in my article was only small fraction of what Grassley was confronted with yesterday.

Trust me on this one, Grassley still needs to get up and walk away from the table. Until he does that, nobody can convince me that he’s going to do the right thing. The only reason Grassley is still at the table is because he wants something. He’s not running out the clock, he’s not trying to load the bill up with a bunch of poison pills, there is something very specific that he wants. The trouble is, he usually get’s what he wants. That scares me.

My Trusty Krusty Korrespondents did provide me with a few nuggets from Grassley’s town halls that you won’t find elsewhere. One person emailed to inform me that Grassley was driving a grey Toyota SUV. Yeah, I know they are built in Ohio or something, but really? Our Government is dumping billions of dollars into the auto industry, and yet people continue to buy foreign products. If there is any time to buy American, it is now. This is not a big deal, just kinda interesting.

Oh, I guess Grassley was behind the wheel and looked quite confident. No trash cans were harmed…

Another Korrespondent said that John Flannery, a paid lobbyist for Verizon, was walking the Senator around the crowd in Adel last night. The lobbyist actually selected who got to ask questions at the town hall. Talk about ironic.

Chet’s Just Bad With Numbers

By now you all know that Governor Culver can’t read or understand the LSA reports that explain the state’s financial situation. Earlier this week, Christopher Rants pointed out that Culver is inflating the success of the Power Fund by something like 5000% in terms of the number of jobs it’s created. Yesterday, Chet told reporters that he has a 60% approval rating. It just keeps getting better. I bet if you could get your hands on Culver’s driver’s license, it would have his weight listed at 185 lbs or something ridiculous like that.

I almost forgot that Culver says the Branstad chatter has done wonders for his fundraising effort. Seriously, I just don’t see how that can be the case. In fact, I don’t see how any donor could feel good about writing Culver a check for his campaign right now. I don’t know anyone who has money to give… Wouldn’t that be nice?

Burt wasn’t the only one out drinking…

So a couple weeks ago my buddy Dave Price broke the news with all the juicy details surrounding Rep. Kerry Burt’s February arrest. Anyway, I’m told that the following exchange took place on Price’s Facebook page.

Price: IA Rep. Burt Claims He Was Drinking with Governor before he was arrested for drunk driving

Commentor One: And that makes him what… less drunk!

Krusty Kommentary: No, that makes him a dumb ass.

Chris Hassle (Sports Dude with Ch13): “I actually cannot be arrested” = Greatest line of all time!!!

Krusty Kommentary: Yes indeed, and one that I have been using when out on the town!

Commentor two: Great story, DP!

Krusty Kommentary: Seriously, it’s the biggest story of the year.

Mike Glover (Associated Press): And I of course was drinking with Dave Price

Krusty Kommentary: Now that’s funny because it’s probably true.

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