December 23rd, 2009

Krusty’s Christmas Haiku Kontest

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

When I first started my blog, Firday’s were reserved for things like photo caption contests or Haiku contests. Haiku’s were smuggled into America from Japan with the Iron Chef competition that can be watched on the Food Network. My blog brother Grant wrote yesterday how he longs for another Haiku contests, so since I’m in the Christmas spirit, I figured why not.

So when responding to this thread, please do so in the former of a Haiku. Here are the directions.

Oh, you need the rules
Five, Seven, Five syllables
Only use three lines.

Your Haiku can be about anything. Like Grant wanting a Haiku contest.

This year for Christmas…
Grant wants a Haiku kontest
So that’s what he gets.

The could be about the gubernatorial race.

I always seem to have
A hard time Haikuing about.
Robert Vander Plaats

Or maybe you want to do a Christmas Haiku.

Do you know what’s kool?
A realistic Santa!
I Need Chet’s Number

With Comebacks In Vogue
Haiku’s might be back for good
What do you guys think?

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