April 23rd, 2009

Krause: Preying on Addictions

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

kumandgo-copyNow, all of you old timers had to know this one was coming. It seems like my good friends over at Kum & Go are trying to get the Iowa legislature to pass a law that would allow them to sell hard liquor at their convenience stores. The move would basically create liquor stores in nearly every Iowa community.

I guess I should have expected this. I mean Bill Krause, the owner of Kum and Go, built these massive new stores that were intended to be half convenience store, half casino after he went all-in on those controversial TouchPlay Iowa lottery slot machines in 2006.

As a businessman, I think Bill Krause is to be admired. The dude knows how to make a buck. His TouchPlay scheme was brilliant. Take a local gas station, put in a bunch of slot machines, and you have a gold mine. Krause also owns Liberty Bank, so he owns all of the ATM machines in his stores, meaning that, when gamblers, or now drunks, need some extra bucks to pay for their habit, he gets to charge an extra fee.

So, I guess since Krause can’t cash in on Iowans with gambling addictions, he has moved on to going after Iowans with drinking problems.

Time to rip on the Des Moines Register!

So, yesterday was all about windmills and Obama. I wasn’t surprised to see pictures of windmills on the home page of the Des Moines Register’s website, but where is this picture from? They just had photographers at the factory that builds these huge steel structures and took countless pictures of them. Yet, they use a picture of a windmill without a round, steel tower, which is probably from California. Don’t they know what an Iowa windmill looks like?


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