April 13th, 2009

King v. Deace: who’s advancing the conservative cause?

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deacekingMany of you have read my previous post about Steve Deace and his show. For those of you who haven’t, I basically came to the conclusion Deace was advancing the conservative cause even though he has been rough on Republicans. And then gay marriage happened in Iowa.

When the ruling was first announced, I went through the rolodex of conservatives in Iowa who would be stepping up on this issue. My list included, but wasn’t limited to, Steve King, Jan Mickelson, Steve Deace, Bill Salier, Iowa Christian Alliance, Iowa Family Policy Center, Bob Vander Plaats, Sen. Paul McKinley, Rep. Kraig Paulsen, and so on. That list is very respectable. In fact, most states would give anything to have these folks pushing conservative policy in their state. I imagined a full frontal assault on gay marriage with everyone working together. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Gay marriage is the most important issue any of those mentioned above will tackle in their careers. And it isn’t important only because of the societal effects of gay marriage. It is because of the unconstitutional decision by the Supreme Court. Conservatives now have the chance to educate the voters about the separation of powers and also show them which party stands for the constitution.

That is what leads me to this question… Who is better for the conservative cause, Steve King or Steve Deace? After reading my original post on Deace, you may think I’ll side with Deace on this one. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Steve Deace has gutted the opposition to gay marriage. Nothing on his broadcasts has advanced traditional marriage policy in the last week and three days. More than that, Deace has eliminated any potential progress on this issue by calling out Paulsen, McKinley, and Steve King on his show. If you don’t believe me, listen to Deace’s podcasts from last Wednesday and Thursday. Steve Deace called King and others who are for the residency requirement (please click here for a definition of the residency requirement) “RINOs” and they should be “tarred and feathered.”

Now I’m alright with calling out Republicans who work against our platform but McKinley, Paulsen, and King are not RINOs. They are good conservatives who have earned the respect of conservatives across the state and nation. I mean, come on, Steve King a RINO?

So back to my original question. Which one is best to advance the conservative cause? Deace talks a pretty good game and I still believe he moves the political center to the right. Steve King also does that and has been doing that for a dozen years. Let me ask this question though, have you ever heard Steve King publically insult a Republican for anything other than opposing our platform? Also, while Deace moves the political center to the right, does he make it easier or harder for good conservatives to win elections? I don’t think anyone out there believes King is anything but conservative. Do Deace’s comments make it easier or harder for King to win in 2010, for Governor or Congress? Does Deace ripping on McKinley or Paulsen advance the conservative cause on marriage or the liberal cause on marriage?

Congressman Steve King is in the trenches everyday either fighting Pelosi or Chet Culver. He’s led on every issue out there and has been doing so for more than a decade. There may not me anyone in the country who has taken more heat from the press and liberals than Steve King. Does he ever shy away? Does he ever tear down other Republicans?

When I wrote that post about Deace a few weeks ago, I think I was missing a big part of politics and government. I still believe Deace moves the center to the right but in the mean time, his methods make it so we have no chance of electing Republicans. I know his long term goal is to purge the Republican Party of RINOs but what he fails to recognize is that nobody will be left. For if Steve King is considered a RINO by Deace, who is good enough? And for Deace to tear down our conservative coalition on this issue, the most important issue we may face ever, makes me question his motives just as much as I question his judgment.

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