May 27th, 2009

King: Pass the Constitutional Amendment

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sk-copyIn today’s Des Moines Register, Congressman Steve King offered his thoughts on the gay marriage issue in Iowa. He briefly summed up what got us to where we are today and what we can do to re-redefine marriage as the exclusive union of one man and one woman.

We all know a constitutional amendment must be passed to get traditional marriage back but King also clearly and specifically ruled out some other options that have been floated out there by Republican stakeholders.

I know this seems to be dredging up some old, tired debates but I think, with the severe strain put on Republicans by a few individuals over the strategy following the marriage ruling, someone needed to step up and refocus our goals. And the only goal right now should be to pass a constitutional amendment protecting marriage.

I know some folks think Republicans didn’t do enough after the ruling. I know some were openly chastising good conservatives because of a difference in opinion on strategy. But I also know the vast majority of Republicans came together to do what they thought was best to win this issue back. They were dealt a losing hand with extremely liberal Democrats holding the power at all levels of government, so a win was really not a realistic goal.

Now the dust has settled and we can get back on track so we must work to put heat on our legislators in the short term and elect pro-marriage candidates in 2010. For marriage, this election is the last election. If we don’t shift the power in the House and Senate, we will always be a gay marriage state. That means we can’t just focus our efforts on winning back the governor’s office, we have to get the majority in the House and try our best to get the numbers in the Senate. I realize taking the majority in the Senate will be almost impossible but even getting close to split control will make a marriage amendment feasible.

Most believe 2010 can be a good year for Republicans, especially in Iowa. The Democrats didn’t run a very tight ship this past session. They garnered negative press for almost every issue they brought up. They really have nothing to brag about.

Republican activists let personalities get in the way too often. We need to look at each election we can get involved in and determine how we can best advance the causes we hold dear to our hearts. If it is marriage, work for every candidate you know will vote for a marriage amendment. If it is fiscal issues, work for those candidates you know support your beliefs. Thankfully almost every Republican agrees on all of the issues. Sure some may want to focus on social issues over fiscal issues or vice versa. But we almost all agree on everything.

As you can see I’m getting pretty excited about the upcoming elections. We are definitely at a crossroads at the state and national level. Will we go the way of Europe or the way of success and freedom? It is up to us.

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