September 27th, 2009

Kiernan and the big surprise (or The Mouse That Roared).

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Written by: Theodore Sporer

kiernan2We are very happy to have joined the growing family of conservative and Republican news and opinion writers at the Iowa Republican.  I’m equally pleased to extend my many thanks to Craig for the opportunity.

Last Friday, Radio Iowa reported that the Iowa Labor/Socialist/Democrat Party Chairman Michael Kiernan predicted that the Iowa L/S/D is going to “… get a first-round draft pick.’ I’m going to tell you here today that Chuck Grassley is going to be in for the race of his life”.

Those are bold words for a party leader whose testicular fortitude is roughly akin to that of a bull field mouse and it provoked a mental inquiry as to which retired L/S/D “first round draft pick” could rival ex-Governor Terry Branstad for sheer political star power.

At first I just assumed it was ex-Senator John Culver.  As father of Iowa’s 38% Governor Chet Culver, ex-Senator Culver will have high name recognition in 2010 and is around the same age as Senator Grassley.  As a Harvard Man, and a Harvard lawyer no less, ex Senatory Culver has the radical education that provides the entrée sociale necessary for any modern L/S/D politician.  It’s been thirty two years since Senator Grassley last administered an Iowa/Penn State beat down on Big John Culver, so maybe the public has forgotten how much they already repudiated ex-Senator Culver, whose numbers at the end of one term demonstrate the Lug fell close to the Acorn.  But somehow, I just can’t see Culver giving up the cushy life of a Washington power broker and money man for the pedestrian and regulated life of a candidate.

Then it hit me, ex-L/S/D Congressman, and felon, Ed Mesvinsky.  Ed has all the qualifications:  A radical educational experience at U Cal-Berkely law school; a defeat to an unfairly wealthy Republican-Jim Leach in 1976; a messy divorce.  Even better, a criminal record-80 months in the federal slam for fraud, so Ed can be portrayed as a victim of the evil George Bush’s fanatically partisan Justice Department.  Best of all, Ed’s son is engaged to Chelsea Clinton and birds that flock together………

While Kiernan’s statement seems as silly as it is coquettish, invoking the image of monkey see-monkey do behavioral science, what if it’s true?  Was the Iowa L/S/D withholding their best candidate because our history had not yet roused to battle?

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