September 30th, 2009

Kids Love Obama… Until he Takes Away the Summer Va-Cay

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

obama god2By Emily Geiger

And the hits keep on coming.

Yet another elementary school has been caught with its pants down making another propagandist pro-Obama video using impressionable young children.

This one is less sing-song and more Gregorian chant. I tried to get the unedited video, but it seems that the misguided pro-Obama leftist wingnut teacher who posted it has decided to take it off of You Tube now that the wing-nuttiness of it has been exposed. So, you get the Foxnews packaged version.

You know, it’s all starting to make sense. Just this past week, our dear president suggested that our kids need to have a longer school day and a shorter summer break.

Either Obama wants kids to have more time for their teachers to convince them to worship him, or he figured out that, with all of the time being wasted on kids worshipping him, they are actually going to need more time to learn things like reading and writing and math. Never mind the fact that the federal government can’t actually mandate more classroom hours, but since when has a little thing like the constitution stopped Obama from doing what he wants to do?

Of course, if he keeps that talk up, the kids are going to start to turn on him.


Don’t mess with the summer va-cay!

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