March 17th, 2009

Kick ’em when they’re down

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obamaculverAs Republicans we have a fairly hard time defining the opposition before they are allowed to define themselves. The Democrats rarely fail in this regard. It is time we jump into the game.

Democrats defined Bush’s presidency before he even took office. They stuck to the claim that he stole the election. They used that as fuel to get them past Bush’s glory days of 911. It wasn’t long after they started to define Bush as a failed leader in a failed war. Remember Howard Dean running around Iowa – screaming at the top of his lungs Iraq is just another Viet Nam. That was in 2004 caucus.

Now we have a governor and a president that has failed miserably. With each Obama bailout bill signed, the stock market drops even further. Only when companies start to show a bit of a profit does the stock market rebound a bit – and does anybody think this is the bottom? And for Culver, he has yet to create any actual jobs or flood recovery. He’s managed this flood about as bad as Sarah Palin has managed her political career after November 2008.

Every Republican needs to point out Culver’s and Obama’s failure with every chance they get. You know if the tables were turned, the Democrats would.

It doesn’t quite feel right, does it? We just don’t feel comfortable focusing on failures and prefer to focus on policy nuances. We don’t like the thought of kicking someone when they’re down. But if we don’t, the public will not blame Culver for his incompetence and they sure as heck won’t look at Obama with a critical eye. And the thing about kicking someone when they’re down…they tend to stay down.

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