December 28th, 2009

KICK ASK QUESTION: Should A Minnesota Father Be Jailed For Teaching Bible To His Kids?

aed3535e58839bc387ba01f6688b6ef8And you thought it may be okay to let state courts run a muck on freedom..  Tisk tisk!

Tim Kinley is in jail for teaching bible lessons to his children using the bible and 10 Commandments.  Should he be in jail for such activity or are his constitutional rights being violated?

The Tuesday before Christmas Attorney Jill Clark, tried to get Tim Kinley released on a Furlough for Christmas and extending to his hearing in January. The Court refused, choosing to punish him challenging the Courts wrongly based ruling that violated his 1st Amendment Right of Freedom of Religion.  Such is the fate of political activists.

It seems the Minnesota Government is retaliating for Mr. Kinley enforcing his constitutional rights and for his lawful attempts at Judicial Reform.

Please say a prayer for Tim Kinley today.  He refused to accept Minnesota infringement on his Freedom of Religion.  Like or loathe his situation or not, in so doing he also defended your right to Freedom of Religion.


Read the entire story here at the Examiner at this url ––Minnesota-USA

As for myself… I question it!

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