March 20th, 2009

Kevin McCarthy’s Night Court

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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kmac-night-court-copyMany times leaders are prophetic. They have an uncanny ability to see into the future. Iowa has its own prophetic leader, Democrat Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

You see, last fall Leader McCarthy was so concerned about the safety of people at the State Capitol, he alerted the Des Moines Register by giving them every speeding ticket and misdemeanor committed by various Republicans seeking office.

The Register quickly printed the list of violations in an effort to protect the public. McCarthy even said, “If these candidates were elected to office, would not be a stretch that we would need to establish night court at the state Capitol, together with a bailiff and maybe bring in Jerry Springer to cover it.”

Well as we all know, those Republican candidates didn’t get elected, but we still need to establish a Night Court at the capitol, and I’m betting Jerry Springer is on his way to Iowa as we speak.

Already this session a McCarthy recruit, Rep. Kerry Burt, was busted after wrecking his vehicle near an Ankeny strip club at 3 a.m. on a Thursday morning. With McCarthy’s connections, we will probably never know the real story. I mean, the police said, “Let me put it to you like this, we took an accident report, but I cannot put Kerry Burt behind the wheel at the accident, OK?”

Now we have SEIU’s golden boy, Marshall Clemons, stealing wallets out of people’s purses at the State Capitol. How embarrassing for the SEIU. They let the future vice President of the United States spend an entire day with him at work and go home to have dinner with him and his girlfriend. Now the guy gets busted at the capitol for pick pocketing? This is nuts!

And while some people don’t think it’s a big deal that Biden spent a day with him a year ago, they had such a connection that Joe invited him to the White House for a personal tour. Hell, I wouldn’t want this guy around my kids let alone hanging out in the White House.

Kevin McCarty does need to establish a night court to keep his dirty, criminal friends in line when they visit him at the Capitol asking for taxpayer money.

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