November 13th, 2009

Joy Corning is Branstad’s Rev. Wright

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

revjoyIf the sun was out, I would probably skip writing today. Since its overcast, I’ll let you know what’s on my mind. I don’t really understand how on earth the Branstad campaign could mess up this whole gay marriage thing. Let me explain what I mean by first stating some facts about the former Governor.

In 1996, then Governor signed the Iowa Defense of Marriage Act into law.

I think that’s a pretty good indication of what the former Governor thinks about gay marriage. It also lines up with his Catholic faith. I know, just because someone practices a particular religion doesn’t always mean they live by its teachings.

Recently, Branstad himself has made the following comments on the marriage issue.

An article from the Quad City Times on October 31st quotes Branstad saying the following about gay marriage:

Branstad called for a public referendum to define marriage. He called the state Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage “appalling,” and he likened the inability to put the issue on the ballot to a “dictatorship.”

The Muscatine Journal also attributed the following to Branstad’s remarks from the same event.

“We need to give Iowans the right to vote on the definition of marriage,” said Branstad. “It’s not fair, it’s not right that we should let any single legislator get by with this dictatorship,” he said referring to Democratic leaders who have promised to block efforts to overturn an Iowa Supreme Court decision striking down a ban on same-sex marriage.

At the Republican Party of Iowa event this past Saturday, Branstad made a similar statement.

Then Joy Corning, Branstad’s former Lt. Governor, got her gay on and thought she would call a bunch of Republicans and tell them that they should support gay marriage. If it were not for Corning’s radical views that are contrary to the principles Republican Party, nobody would ever mention her name.

This is when those on the Branstad campaign failed their candidate. Instead of distancing himself from the Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Marriage attention whore, the Branstad campaign embraced her.

“What’s remarkable is, despite disagreement on this fundamental issue, Joy is willing to put that aside to support Governor Branstad. This is just another example of Governor Branstad’s unique ability to put together a broad coalition in support of his goal to fix what is broken in Iowa government,” Branstad’s campaign spokesperson said.

Look, I understand what they are trying to say here, but it sends a horrible message. The only thing that Joy Corning is going to bring to the Branstad campaign is controversy. Even President Obama threw Rev. Wright and William Ayers under the bus. The fact that the Branstad campaign doesn’t want to distance itself from Corning is just going to cause them more trouble down the road. You know, like when she makes robo calls for One Iowa is Sioux County…

I know some of you think that Branstad is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t really buy that. Is he a cultural warrior? Of course not, but he did release a statement to The Iowa Republican that clarified his position on the issue yesterday afternoon.

What should really concern people is the fact that his campaign seems incapable of setting the debate and leading the charge against Chet Culver. This mess created by Joy Corning should be easy for any campaign to handle. The issue of gay marriage isn’t difficult. The candidate has signed legislation that defined marriage as one man and one woman. That same candidate has also made numerous statements reinforcing his commitment to traditional marriage. Yet they have muffed it.

The Branstad campaign has struggled to deal with the issue head-on. It’s almost as if they think it will go away in time. That’s a pipe dream. Joy Corning has been an issue for months now. It just hasn’t been the focus of the main stream media. The longer that these types of stories are allowed to fester, the more the issue of gay marriage will be discussed.

It would be wise for the Branstad campaign to come out and clearly define their positions on gay marriage and other social issues. They are going to be forced to do so in time anyway. Do you think a Republican primary debate will not ask a question about gay marriage or Joy Corning? I do. But they also better prepare their candidate for his next public appearance. I don’t care if Branstad wants to talk about jobs, fire trucks, or apple pie, the first question the media will ask him will be about Joy Corning and gay marriage.

When you boil down the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, it ends up being about one thing, competence. Right now, Branstad is not running a very competent campaign, and that’s a big problem.

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