June 5th, 2009

Jackie Norris Fired By Michelle Obama

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

jackienoI know, Jackie didn’t get fired, she just woke up yesterday and wanted to give up her position as Chief of Staff for First Lady Michelle Obama to go to work for the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Yeah, that’s like me wanting to wake up and decide blog on The Real Sporer. No offense Uncle Ted, just making a point and you know how a role. Norris told the Des Moines Register that the more was not a demotion, but instead an opportunity to do the type of work she is passionate about. Bull.

It will be interesting to see if the Iowa media, who sent reporters to D.C. to profile all the Iowans working in the Obama administration will actually do some reporting to see what the heck happened between the First Lady and Jackie Norris. Norris only held on to her Chief of Staff gig for five months. Michelle Obama replaced Norris with Susan Sher, someone the First Lady has known for a long time.

It’s obvious that while Michelle Obama and Norris were minivan gal pals during the Iowa caucuses, they were never able to develop a professional relationship, or Mrs. Obama didn’t think Norris was up for the job. Why else would you make such a move so quickly?

I guess it’s possible that Norris was the one who urged Michelle to wear those $800 ugly ass shoes to a homeless shelter, and encourage the First Couple to go out on date nights that cost the taxpayers $250k a pop, while everyone else is struggling to make ends meet.

We will probably never know what really lead to Jackie’s departure after only five months. The only way we will really know what happened is if the news media decides to ask some tough questions, or maybe she will want to cash out and write a book.

Contrary to the public face Norris and the administration are putting forward, it seems like the move was a surprise. Here is an interesting interview that Norris just did with the National Journal. Seems odd that just three weeks ago she was saying, “The opportunity to work for the First Lady and to really think through how we could do great things together was really very powerful, especially the impact we could have on young people, which is my passion, was something that was really important to me personally.”

Now she is telling the Register, “This is just a great opportunity for me to really work full-time on the thing that I’m most passionate about,” when referring to her new position.

Yeah, I’d rather move my family to D.C. to work in an office building instead of the White House.

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