April 10th, 2009

Is this Some Weird Dream?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

lhagman_lAlright, this can’t be real. This has to be some sick joke like the 1986 season of Dallas, right? I mean seriously, I wake up one day and gay marriage is legal. And a few days later I tune in to Steve Deace and he’s all disappointed in Bob Vander Plaats and is praising Christopher Rants. The next thing you know cats and dogs will be getting married. Wait….

Well, we all know now that Bobby Ewing didn’t die, it was just a contract dispute, but gay marriage really is now legal in Iowa, and yes Christopher Rants deserves a lot of praise for his actions yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, Christopher Rants gave what has to be the best political speech of his career. The speech came right before he attempted to pass an amendment to the human services budget which would have gutted the bill and turned it into the marriage amendment. Rants was told he was out of order, but he then asked for the rules to be suspended, meaning the vote that followed would tell the public who in the Iowa House supports traditional marriage.

The vote to suspend the rules failed, but we did learn that only two Democrats voted to allow a debate on the marriage amendment: State Reps. Dolores Mertz (D-Ottosen) and Geri Huser (D-Altoona). While there are a lot of people out there who are “marriage amendment or bust,” moves like these are important because they let us know who supports an amendment and who doesn’t.

I was able to get my hands on the Democrats’ talking points. Let’s check out their spin.

**After failing to break the rules they supported earlier this year, House Republicans reached a new low today when they tried to gut health care for veterans, seniors, kids and disabled Iowans in order to score political points.

How petty is that. Yes, everyone agrees to the rules at the beginning of every session, but as Rants pointed out, there is a reason why you can ask to suspend the rules. The mere thought that they refuse to even let the Representatives vote on an issue that the public is worked up over is ridiculous and disturbing.

**First, a procedural move made this morning by Rep. Paulsen was ruled out of order because the bill was not filed in time to be considered by the House State Government Committee. It is not eligible for debate or a vote this year.

Paulsen’s use of House Rule 60 was ruled out of order because HJR 6 did not make it out of the funnel.

**This afternoon, Rep. Chris Rants, who wants to be governor, tried to revive the bill again by replacing the Human Services Budget with the ineligible bill.

First, why does Murphy get to call him Chris, I hate writing out Christopher, but I do it… Second, it doesn’t matter if he is running for Governor or not for me. Why can’t we find a way to let the people of Iowa vote on this matter? It seems to me that Murphy and Gronstal don’t trust Iowans, which is ironic because I’m pretty sure Iowans don’t trust them.

**There wasn’t a vote today about marriage of any kind. It was not about marriage of any kind. It was not about supporting marriage between a man and a woman or supporting same-sex marriages.

If you thought Culver was trying to have it both ways, the Democrat legislators are even worse. They want to say they are for traditional marriage, but don’t want to do anything that actually protects it. Heck, Deace even had copies of emails from Democrat legislators to pastors saying that they support traditional marriage, but then they prohibit the House from taking up the issue.

**It was about following the rules of the Iowa House of Representatives. Earlier this year, Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate all agreed to the rules that govern the Iowa Legislature during this General Assembly.

Yeah, didn’t you say that before Pat. Oh, and while we are talking, how are things back home in Dubuque Pat. There sure are a lot of Catholics up there…

**Despite Republican attempts to play politics, my priorities in the closing days of the 2009 legislative session are exactly what Iowans expect—helping middle class families who are struggling to make ends meet and balancing the state budget.

I’m proud that the Republicans were fighting to let the people weigh in on this issue. Heck, it was probably good you guys weren’t busy “cutting taxes” because when you guy do that a bunch of people end up paying higher taxes.

**These are tough times for families across Iowa and that’s why Iowans expect us to work together on the issues that unite us—good-paying jobs, affordable health care…

We could work together, but you guys have not created one permanent job this session. Oh sure, you are trying to seduce companies like Microsoft and Google here, but while you are doing that, you are sticking it to the existing Iowa businesses. Health Care, really? You guys were too busy treating Paula Abdul-Samad and Jack Hatch like n-words, you know master and slaves. This session is about tax increases, labor unions, and the lack of guts to debate a marriage amendment.

I wish I could live in the Democrats’ fantasy land for just one day…

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