March 27th, 2009

Is the real Todd Dorman on Furlough?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

todds-towerMy friends over in Fly Over Country wrote about this yesterday, but I wanted to also comment on it. Dorman, the funny man of the Iowa press corps, hasn’t been his normal self lately. It could stem for the fact the originator of this site spent a couple days bashing the newspaper industry’s practice of furloughing workers to take advantage of the unemployment system, but Dorman seemed to roll with the punches pretty well on that.

What has my attention is that Dorman, a member of the media, is supportive of the list of projects that Chet Culver is out promoting, including the Tower of Invincibility.

Here is what Dorman said in his column yesterday:

“In the ‘Tower of Invincibility,’ Republicans think they have found an exploitable weakness in Gov. Chet Culver’s big bonding plan. Instead, they’re showing empty headed, inch deep partisan politics.”

Dorman points out that there is little Republicans can do to stop the bonding proposal, since there isn’t a Republican majority in sight. Point taken, but are Republican’s supposed to assume the fetal position and bawl while Culver takes the people of Iowa into debt? Not hardly.

You know, I really like it when members of the media blog. I find it very insightful and interesting. Unfortunately, it has also allowed us to see how shallow some of our reporters are in their understanding of politics and policy. Somebody needs to scrutinize these proposals, and by the looks of things, most “journalists” have punted the ball on that job.

Instead, they are creating the same type of hype that surrounded the bank bailout, the Wall Street bailout, and the automaker bailout. They are encouraging the citizens of our state and the legislators to act now and ask questions later.

We need more political discussion on important items like borrowing $750 million, not less. It is reasonable to ask what these projects cost and how many new jobs they will create. In his article, Dorman points out how well the eleven-member Vision Iowa Board operated. And while I think that may be a valid point, you also have to consider that Vision Iowa occurred under a different administration. Culver and his administration, who were behind the debacle of the Rebuild Iowa Office, don’t deserve the same level of trust.

Also, when mentioning Vision Iowa, it’s important to realize that the approval process was thorough. Culver himself says that will not be the case. I-Jobs is designed to reward shovel-ready projects – things that we can go and start building during this construction season. Under his plan, there is no time for a thoughtful, methodical approach to rewarding these projects.

It is disturbing to me that members of the media would chastise Republicans for asking questions. That is our job. It’s the job of every citizen of this state. And it is the main responsibility of the people of the news media.

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