July 1st, 2009

Is Fong finished on day one?

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Written by: Constitution Daily

fongDoes contributing to a Democrat disqualify you from running as a Republican? With Krusty’s post yesterday about Christian Fong donating to two Democrat state candidates and also donating to ActBlue, the internet fundraising website for liberals, the exciting new, fresh-faced candidate went from a possible game-changer to a lightning rod in the comments section.

When I originally posted my article on Monday about possible candidates for many races throughout Iowa including Fong, my intent wasn’t to scrutinize the candidates. It was just to throw them out there so people could do a little research if they wanted to while I dug a little deeper to find the pros and cons of each candidate. I knew Fong had given to liberals and am extremely disappointed he gave to ActBlue. That site is evil in the eyes of any decent Republican. They are just as bad as And who knows, with not publicizing their donors, maybe Fong gave to them too. But I had heard there were some State Representatives and Senators planning to endorse Fong. I wanted to let that play out before publicly criticizing him.

So back to my original question, does contributing to a Democrat disqualify you from running as a Republican? Yes, always, and here is why. A legislator’s first vote is for majority leader or speaker of the house. The first votes cast by Olson and Gayman were for Speaker Murphy – the guy who blocked marriage legislation and tried to pass labor bills. Fong and anybody else who contributed to their campaigns are in part responsible for Murphy’s power play.

Plain and simple, every single contribution to a Democrat takes this state and/or country down the path of liberal rule and ideals. There are no exceptions. Even if you have two Democrats running in a primary unopposed by a Republican, your contribution to a Democrat in the race could have been used by a Republican in a different race. Our political system doesn’t reward the “vote for the man, not the party” philosophy. It rewards the majority…that’s it.

I realize Fong’s contributions were small and probably made little difference in those elections. But they sure as heck will in his gubernatorial campaign. Conservatives will not support a candidate who gave to a Democrat – especially in the last election cycle. It just shows such a lack of judgment and big picture thinking.  And really come on, he gave to ActBlue. There is no excuse for that. Not ever!

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