November 23rd, 2009

Is Deace’s PSA Parody Branstad’s “Katie Couric Moment” Voters Will Remember?


Ever have a bad 80’s tune stay stuck in your head that you cannot get rid of? I still have the Terry Branstad staggering sound bite playing in my head from the RPI event…

Quick! Somebody else say something silly or stupid just so I can think of something else.  I read Krusty’s recent idiot piece and I thought that would cure me, but to no avail.  Allow me to offer an analysis, but I will warn you I just took a nap and now I’m in a goofy mood.

Click this line to hear the Draft Branstad Parody.

Personally its been a big month in Iowa politics with Ron Paul’s recent visit, a trip to the Chuck Norris Ranch, Tim Pawlenty visiting, the tea party convention and the Mike Huckabee book signing. With all these events its Terry Branstad’s gaff that I keep thinking about.  I keep assessing his loss of words when attempting to prove his prowess and the damage of such a dropped bomb. Deace’s public service announcement parody reminds me…

[youtube XXUgtEe99ZY]

Yes, I know it’s old news, but if this was a screenplay or a novel is this the foreshadowing that keeps the movie interesting? Is this what voters will remember? Is this prophetic.

It seems to have taken some kind of toll on the Branstad campaign.  Take note from this article…

Terry Branstad Goes on the Attack Goes After Bob Vander Plaats and Flip Flops on Attacking other Republican Candidates

On November 7, former Governor Terry Branstad announced that he would refrain from attacking fellow Republicans, saying “In fact, I am going to take the pledge to abide by President Reagan’s 11th Commandment, which is, and I quote, ‘speak no ill of another Republican.’ I will not attack any of the other candidates. They all have my respect.”

Candidate Branstad kept his word for precisely 12 days.

Meanwhile when I was listening live and in person to Branstad’s speech (taking pictures of him that make him look good at TIR mind you) and he began his now famous staggering search for composure, I thought to myself what a great bit he is working.  I really and truly thought he was setting up a joke for a killer comeback to prove his competence all the more.  In the first nanosecond in my mind I was giving him credit in advance for the brilliance to come as he kept verbal stagger sailing.

After all the ABC basics of comedy writing is to in essence put people on a rug, make them stand on the rug, then pull the rug out from underneath them.  So naturally I thought he was putting us all on a rug to pull, but the killer line that would make him look  intelligent, in touch or lighthearted never came.

[youtube 9nKpEhgVihs]

For myself in addition to being a writer and photographer I do public speaking and can certainly sympathize with any speaker who is at a momentary loss for words.  I can certainly give the former Governor of Iowa grace and understanding for unfortunately making a crucial error at a big moment.  In and of itself it really is no big deal, but you can’t always make  people what you want them to think.

Back again in the daily news is Sarah Palin with her Oprah interview recaps promoting her new bestselling memoir.  After all this time Oprah still asked her about the when Palin was interviewed by Katie Couric and was asked which magazines she read Palin replied, “All of them.”  It really should not have been a big deal either, but the liberal press squeezed it for all it was worth and the gossip just kept on coming.

In Palin’s defense not even a Seinfeld character would break up with a girlfriend for claiming to read all magazines printed.  Then again some break ups just don’t go as planned.  Sometimes one person doesn’t get the message that the time together just isn’t what it used to be.  Is Iowa feeling that same way about former Governor Branstad?  Time will tell at the republican party’s season cliffhanger primary.

[youtube vKQHJaGmkSw]

And contrary to some TIR reader assumptions I really do like Sarah Palin, candidate or not.  I especially like her pro life stance, but unfortunately what people remember is the gossip driven drivel like Katie’s magazine moment.  I know Terry Branstad is better than he defended himself to be at the RPI event, but I have to think really hard to come up with that conclusion and I’m not sure most voters will take the time to do so.

In life and in politics we have to have fun even at our own expense and then press on.   I quote a popular philosopher  Hannah Montana when she sings. “Everybody Makes Mistakes.”

[youtube WobTkN1phvQ]

[youtube 5iQTA5WT7UE]

Branstad photo by Dave Davidson
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