April 20th, 2009

Is Culver Enticing a Primary with Fallon?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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edfallonLast Friday, I had a little fun with Ed Fallon and Governor Culver’s public tiff. Today I want to give that situation a more serious look. There is something very serious going on between the Governor and his former primary foe. Many people, including the Governor’s staff, blew Ed off by saying the guy just wants a state job.

There is a good chance that could very well be the case, but is that any way to treat a guy who got almost 26% of the vote in a three-way primary with almost no money just a few short years ago? It’s not like Governor Culver is some tower of invincibility.

Culver is responsible for a huge budget mess, tax and fee increases that hurt small business, while at the same time, he has doled out millions of dollars to out-of-state corporations like IBM, Microsoft, and Google in hopes they will locate here. Yet, many of those jobs are now in question.

If I’m Chet Culver, and thank God I’m not, I would view Ed Fallon as a very dangerous man. If you are Culver or his advisors, you have to realize that Fallon is not afraid to primary an incumbent Democrat. Many thought Fallon’s primary challenge to Congressman Leonard Boswell would have been much closer that it actually was. But I don’t know if I would write off a guy who was able to raise $300,000 and received 38% of the vote. Fallon is never going to raise more money than Chet, but he has proven to be an adequate fundraiser, which means you can’t ignore him. You can’t laugh at him.

What I don’t understand is that, if Fallon did want a job, why didn’t they just try to accommodate him? Fallon is a long time state legislator and community organizer. I don’t think many people would have questioned Culver if he had found a place for him at the Rebuild Iowa Office. Heck, Fallon probably has a better understanding of what some of the people in Cedar Rapids have been going through than the former campaign fundraisers he has working there now. I’m not joking. I think that Fallon could have been an asset to Culver.

Yet, for some reason, Culver’s administration feels it is in a position to simple ignore Fallon. So when Ed Fallon sent out a scathing email last week, Culver and his staff should have been the adults in the room. They were not. Instead they acted like the immature, in-over-their-heads, playground bullies they really are. In doing so, they might have enticed a primary opponent that will cost Culver time and money, and force him to move to the left.

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