March 24th, 2009

Gronstal and Culver – Iowa’s High Maintenance Couple

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After watching Iowa Press this weekend featuring Sen. Gronstal, it occurred to me that he and Culver remind me of some of my friends’ relationships. We all know the type. The one spouse works his/her tail off to pay for the habitual spending of the other. Sometimes it works out but most often it is just a matter of time before they go broke or break up. Iowa is now at a time where we are broke. And yes, it is that bad.

Using Gronstal’s own words from Iowa Press this weekend when talking about state revenues, “This is the worst I’ve ever seen. This is the worst in my 27 years in the legislature.”

Now I’m not one to blame a party or president just because they are in control at the time, especially when it comes to the economy. I’ve always thought we put way too much emphasis on politics affecting the economy. Plain and simple, the economy is based on too many other factors to blame all of it on politicians. But when it comes to our government struggling to make ends meet, I gladly take the gloves off.

We have known revenues will be falling drastically for quite a while. There isn’t anybody out there who didn’t know an economic downturn was coming and many thought a recession following a housing market decline was almost eminent. And over the past few years when these signs of tough economic times were coming to light, what did the Iowa legislature do? What did Culver do? Spend. Spend. Spend. And what did House and Senate Republicans do? Everything they could to try to warn the Democrats and the public.

Now we have a problem. Revenues are dropping at a record pace. And at the same time Democrats are still unwilling to make it easier for businesses in Iowa to make money. Instead of looking to where they should cut spending, they blame Bush and the national recession for their problems. Why can’t they get it through their heads, it is extremely hard to make money in Iowa. If you don’t make much money, you don’t pay taxes.

So we have a state that ranks 49th or 50th in businesses friendliness and at the same time we have a legislature and governor who love to spend our money. That’s like someone working on the line for $9 an hour and their spouse driving a Cadillac with $800 a month payments. Sure it may work for a short time, but what happens when the furnace goes out?

We can blame Bush all we want but that doesn’t get a new furnace for the high maintenance spouse, does it? I think it is time to get rid of the problem and dump the habitual spenders. But this time, replace them with strict conservative men and women who have the guts to cut programs and departments – or basically just follow our platform.

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