July 23rd, 2009

Iowa Republicans are LAZY

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

You heard me. For years now, I have heard Iowa Republicans from all walks of life say things like, I hope Tom Latham, Steve King, Chuck Grassley, or any Republican federal office holder’s name, runs for governor.

I understand the attraction of a known commodity running for Governor, but isn’t this somewhat lazy? These people want to take someone who is already elected to office and run them for a different office. How does that build and expand the Republican Party in Iowa? And why do we really think this is the best option on the table?

I think it’s simply a sign of laziness, which, in my honest opinion, is the real root cause for the current state of Republican politics in this state. Think about it. Why do people want our already elected candidates to run? First, they are well known. Second, many of them have their own fundraising support system in place, and many people are already used to voting for them.

Those are all great attributes, but why can’t we elect someone who isn’t a sitting Congressman to lead our state? It seems to me that we are willing to tell people what we think, but we are not all that willing to do everything in our power to win a race against an incumbent Governor who needs to go.

For Republicans in Iowa to be successful next year, we need to go above and beyond in helping our gubernatorial nominee defeat Governor Culver. That means making contributions, volunteering, talking to your friends and neighbors, and most importantly, voting for our nominee.

It’s time for Iowa Republicans to put their money where their mouths are. If we lose in 2010, we only have ourselves to blame, and it is likely that Culver will be able to serve as Governor for as long as he would like.

Nobody ever gets anything for free. We have to be willing to work for everything we want. The work doesn’t start once we have a nominee, it starts today. Find a candidate you believe in and go to work for that person, get involved in their campaign. Win, lose, or draw, support our nominee next fall, do not take your ball and go home. This is just too important for the state that we love.

This means we also need a contested primary. That will allow our candidates to go out there and identify new supporters and register new Republican voters, which will allow us to cut into the Democrats’ edge in the voter registration numbers. The primary is the best place and time to do that sort of activity.

We have a huge opportunity in front of us. However, the real question is, are we willing to capitalize on it?

I’m willing, are you?

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