December 11th, 2009

Iowa Film Credit Program Produces Must See Video

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Many people don’t think Iowans will ever see much good from the hundreds of millions of dollars that Chet Culver and the state government pumped into film projects that were shot in the state. A new video from Kornfed Productions might change all of that.

The video taps into the frenzy surrounding the Iowa Hawkeyes football team. It was filmed in Cedar Rapids and actually shows them spreading Culver’s film tax credit money around to the needy people of Cedar Rapids. The video which was directed by C4 is bound to blow up. More than 4000 people have already watched this work of art…

ProfilesProfiles in Courage

Sometimes it takes a massive snow storm to appreciate the jobs that some people do. For example, there is the snow plow driver who is working 16 hour shifts or he ambulance driver who somehow finds a way to navigate an up passable road. Then there are those who go above and beyond. People like Jon Miller and Steve Deace.

Miller and Deace were stranded at the Clear Channel offices for two nights and three days. While I’m pretty sure Van Harden found his way home after his show every morning, Miller and Deace were confined and forced to eat only food from the vending machines. I guess they didn’t catch those news stories about the pizza delivery guys and gals.

So while they were snow bound at WHO Radio…

Kathie Obradovich made it down to the State Capitol
That guy from the Orange Bowl made it back to Iowa City
Dave Price made it out to the Flying J truck stop
Mayor Frank Cownie made it to Copenhagen
President Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing
All those the news bunnies at WHO TV made it to work, and probably home again

I mean you would have thought that these two manly men would have either would have braved the poor road conditions or at least got hitched a ride with Dave Price or Van.

I hope they realize I’m just having a little fun with them. Maybe the next time they have a sleepover they will do a better job at using a little product placement in their videos.

You can watch more videos here.

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