August 5th, 2009

I-Jobs Money for Golf Courses and the Meskwaki Nation?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

powwowpattyGovernor Chet Culver has deemed his $830 million I-Jobs scheme a success. You see, since 136 communities from 47 counties have their hands extended for some “free” money, Culver deems the program to be a huge success. Unfortunately the money isn’t free. We will be paying it back for decades.

In a press release sent out yesterday Culver said, “These applications, from communities and organizations all across our state, show there is both great interest in and need for the opportunities supported by I-JOBS. Throughout Iowa there are hundreds of projects ready for construction that address real infrastructure needs in these communities, as well as improve our economy, create jobs, and continue our efforts to work our way out of the recession.”

You can read through the list of projects here. As you will quickly see none of these projects will create any new permanent jobs, but a couple projects caught my eye.

Story City has requested $322,845.00 for a River Bend Clubhouse. What’s that you ask? It’s a clubhouse for the city owned golf course that was damaged by the 2008 floods. I feel bad that the clubhouse was destroyed by the flood, but do they need a $322,845.00 clubhouse?

Well that decision has already been made. Governor Culver makes it sound like all of these projects are on hold and waiting for funding. That’s not true when it comes to Story City’s golf course. You see, they already began construction.


That’s one hell of a club house for a nine-hole golf course, and why does a golf course that charges $355.00 a year for a membership need such swanky digs?

The problem isn’t that the people of Story City has their hand out for some of Culver’s I-Jobs cash. The problem is that they thought it was a good use of taxpayer money to build a facility like this. Seriously, people should be upset with this careless use of taxpayer money.

I wonder is the city officials will be attending Democrat State Senator Rich Olive’s Fundraising Golf Tournament at River Bend this Friday? I’m glad we plunged the state a BILLION dollars in debt so Rich Olive has a good place to hold campaign events in the future.

And this isn’t the only questionable thing on the list. It looks like the sovereign Meskwaki Nation in Tama, Iowa has requested $500,000.00 for a Pow Wow Grounds and Community Center. Are they serious? They don’t have gambling profits that could be used to fund projects like this? Lt. Governor Patti Judge just attended a Pow Wow in Tama so I’m pretty sure they are serious, and she probably encouraged them to submit the project. And we all thought she was just promoting STAY-cations.

And we wonder how our state got into this mess. Unbelievable.

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