September 4th, 2009

I can’t wait for Obradovich to write about sexy Chety…

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

culver-beachDo me a favor, go to and type in the words “Branstad” and “Striptease.” I know you are nervous about what’s going to come up, but trust me on this. What comes up is Kathie Obradovich’s latest column. I know, how embarrassing.

Obradovich was selected to replace the well respected David Yepsen earlier this year. It seems as if Obradovich thinks she was hired to write for Seventeen Magazine instead of the Des Moines Register.

Here is how Obradovich opened her column yesterday, “Former Gov. Terry Branstad’s striptease advanced precipitously this week with the news that he’s deploying trusted associates to determine the feasibility of a fresh gubernatorial campaign. It’s not the full monty yet, but he’s down to his Fruit of the Looms and a feather boa.”

Is she incapable of writing a normal article, or is this her shtick? I mean, if this is what she’s going to do, I guess I’ll just sit back and wait for Kathie to write about Chet’s hard nipples or Patty Judge strutting around the capitol in leather boots and a whip in hand. I guess we should have known that Oradovich wasn’t going to take her new job seriously. Her first column was about the 20 year old abs of Ryan Reynolds.

Now I know that the comment section and my email account will be full of people calling me a hypocrite. There is a big difference between being a blogger and being THE political columnist for the Des Moines Register.

When everyone was celebrating the selection of Obradovich as the next Yepsen, I wrote an article saying that she has to earn it. Look, I have nothing against Kathie, but she hasn’t come close to carrying Yepsen’s mantle.

I’m sure the women at the Register get a good laugh in the lunch room over the childish stuff that Kathie writes, but a majority of Iowans don’t know who the hell Ryan Reynolds is. Hell, I had to google the dude to figure out who he was. The Register’s selection of Obradovich has shown just how out of step Iowa’s once proud newspaper has become with the people it tries to serve.

Bill Krause could do us all a favor and stop handing out free Des Moines Registers with a fill-up. If he did that, their circulation would be embarrassing, which would speed up the Register’s slow death.

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