March 6th, 2009

I’m not Joshin’ Vander Plaats Needs To Kick It In Gear

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

So I know it’s my third day here and I’m trying to be on my best behavior, but I just can’t let this one slide. Yesterday, Bob Vander Plaats sent out a blast email to tell people that his son Josh is having an outstanding season playing basketball. In fact, Josh has been selected as the Sioux City Journal Siouxland Athlete of the Week.

The Vander Plaats email begins with, “At Team VP 2010, we know that winning requires a keen focus, endless hours of planning, years [and years and years] of hard work, and smart split-second execution.”

I sure hope they are in the “endless hours of planning” phase. Bob’s third gubernatorial campaign is off a rocky start. Bob has yet to roll-out any issue proposals, and has failed to comment on legislative issues. The last press release I received from the campaign was on February 21st, a Saturday night.

The Vander Plaats campaign sent out a release about comments he had made at county GOP fundraiser regarding the prevailing wage legislation that had been defeated the Friday before. I didn’t write about it because it seemed more like an afterthought than an actual press release.

I know Bob has a lot of supporters out there, and I have been tough on his campaign thus far, but what’s he doing? Sure there is a lot of time left to campaign, and do things like post some issue statements on your website. But, I think Vander Plaats has squandered any advantage he had by being the first official candidate out of the gate.

This is the time where he could be out there defining himself and the issues that he wants to run on. If he was doing that, I wouldn’t have a problem getting an email about his son being names Athlete of the Week.

I’m starting to wonder if Bob can only campaign against someone or something. Yet, during his announcement in January he said he was going to be running against Chet Culver from the start. Chet’s done a ton of stupid crap since Bob’s been in the race. He’s thought about selling the lottery, said he would cut the budget, but it’s the biggest one in our history, the Rebuild Iowa Office is a disaster, and Bob could have made an issue about the Electoral College bill. But he didn’t have anything to say about those issues.

So Bob, what’s the deal? What are you waiting for?

Fire away TeamVP supporters. If you want me to like this guy, he needs to give me a reason. Right now I’m more apt to vote for Josh Vander Plaats than Bob.

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