June 10th, 2009

Huck Returns to Iowa

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

huckMike Huckabee is set to attend ABI’s Annual Conference today, and then headline an event for Bob Vander Plaats. It will be interesting to see what he has to say at the ABI Conference, but we all know what to expect at the Vander Plaats event.

I don’t know if the Vander Plaats event is called “Leadership at the Lake,” or “An Evening of Politics In The Park,” since its been billed both ways, but apparently the event is tomorrow night in Arnolds Park and Mike Huckabee is scheduled to jam with local musicians. You may remember, I pledged to endorse Bob’s campaign for governor is Huckabee dedicates a song to me and its all caught on YouTube.

I’m interested in seeing how many people show up to see Huckabee on a Wednesday night at Okoboji. I was a little surprised to see that the Vander Plaats people chose not to raise money off of Huckabee’s visit. Even if you only get a few bucks from people, it all helps to build your fundraising list.

The reason Team BVP is not asking for contributions to attend is because apparently a “generous donor” has underwritten the cost of the event. Seems odd to me, and makes me think they might be having problems building a crowd. And even if a donor has underwritten the event, that doesn’t mean you don’t use Huckabee, Bob’s biggest surrogate, to raise more money for the campaign.

Speaking of money…

Rep. Nathan Reichert appears to be Son-Of-A-Crook

Man, I though Ed Boesen was fraud. It appears that the father of Democrat State Representative Nathan Reichert is a total fraud. The Muscatine Journal has the details, and it’s a must read. Karl Reichert, Rep. Reichert’s father used $77k of the $588k estate of Elmer Reichert’s (Karl’s father) estate to pay personal bills. He is also used the estate as his full time job. In 2006, he says that he clocked more than 2000 hours doing labor on various properties of the estate. That’s fifty 40 hour weeks.

Rep. Reichert is also tied up in the mess, as he lives in one of the homes in his grandfather’s estate. Rep. Reichert is behind on his rent, but let’s hope he keeps a better eye on the $830 million the democrats decided to borrow to help get Chet Culver re-elected. What a mess. Karl’s sister is taking him to court to remove him as executor of the estate. Having your families dirty laundry aired in the local newspaper is never good for a political candidate.

So who should I vote for in the gubernatorial straw poll?

It’s a tad bit early for me, but as you know I’m always willing to give my opinion. Only one problem, I’m not sold on any of them yet.

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