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December 11th, 2009

Funk: How Congress Stole our Grand Kids Future Christmases

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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dfunk2On December 3rd, Congressman Boswell posted a YouTube video discussing the choices he’s had to make this year as we move forward into the Holiday Season.  I cannot take this anymore.  I am so disappointed with the results of a year of bad choices and reckless spending.

Here’s why:

Congressman Boswell voted for the American Recovery Reinvestment Act which allocated $2.5 billion to Iowa.  Of this, $1.5 billion has been obligated to projects and 5,336 jobs have been either “saved” or “created.”

  • We’ve already seen the “fuzziness” around these jobs “saved” and “created” numbers coming out of the White house so I’m not really sure what to think other than to ask what jobs were saved or created?  That may seem a bit unreasonable to some, but seriously, if you know how many, let us know which ones.
  • It took the Federal Government $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion to create/save 5,336 jobs.  Huh?  How does the White house and Congress expect to build a stronger job market if it costs $2.5 billion to make 5,336 jobs?  If this is the case it’s going to be a long recession unless a fiscally conservative approach is taken to spending.
  • I almost shuttered at this comment:  The 5,336 jobs that were saved/created are presumably mostly in construction, education and public safety.  I’m not against creating jobs in these sectors but you tell me how these three industries are supposed to strengthen the job market.  Why not create investment incentives in industries that are still growing despite the recession? Why not eliminate the income tax on small business, those that are producing and growing to strengthen the BASE of the economy?  If you want jobs in construction, education or public safety, fine.  But they should NOT be the focus of spending/investment.  This won’t solve our problems here in Iowa.  We need to boost the private sector with tax cuts and investment incentives along with help extending credit to the entrepreneurs of Iowa.

Congressman Boswell also voted to extend a $6,500 tax credit to new home buyers who have lived in their previous home for at least five years.

  • Does this smell of “Cash for Clunkers” to anyone else?  Forcing demand in a market doesn’t fix it!  How does this help anyone?  Current home-owners don’t need more tax credits in this recession.  All this will do is shift demand in 2010 in home purchases to be front loaded.  Just like “Cash for Clunkers “those who are looking to buy will wait and those who were going to wait will buy earlier than anticipated.  This will boost home purchases through April 30, 2010 creating a sudden drop afterward.
  • You want to know what this is?  It’s a bailout.  It’s a bailout in the construction industry that is going to possibly hurt them for the remainder of 2010.  When will Congress learn you cannot control the market place?  Free market principles will always force their way in and the more we mess with it the worse the consequences may be.

Congressman Boswell said he had to make tough choices so that we didn’t pass these challenges on to our children and grandchildren.

  • First, he says it as though he was forced to make these decisions thus he can take no blame.  If anything forced him it wasn’t the economy, rather, it was Pelosi.
  • Second, how can he say that these choices were made so these challenges WOULD NOT be passed on to our children and grandchildren?  Surely he understands what it means when our deficit ended fiscal year 2009 at $1.42 trillion which is three times what it was at the end of fiscal year 2008.  Tell me how this isn’t being passed down to my children and grandchildren!

We need to control spending, increase PRIVATE investment in growing industries and stop trying to manipulate demand how they see fit through the misuse of tax credits used solely as industry bailouts.  This needs to stop and the end will only begin to stop with the defeat of Leonard Boswell in the 2010 US House election. If you support this then you support Dave Funk.

All that said, I do agree with one thing.  I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and prosperous New Year.  Let’s make sure we only go up from here!

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