December 18th, 2009

How’s this for a Christmas Gift Exchange?

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geigerkidney

I have to say, sometimes it gets a little depressing writing about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket on a daily basis, and as Christmas is approaching, I’ve been getting a little lazy, so, instead of more doom and gloom (i.e. 95% of news these days) I’m going to talk something that really touched my heart.

It sounded like something straight from a Hollywood script of Grey’s Anatomy, but there was recently a 13 person kidney donation swap, involving 26 surgeries. Hey wait, this actually was an episode of Grey’s anatomy, but even they only imagined a 6 person swap, so I guess truth is stranger than fiction.

The fascinating thing about this story is that it wasn’t just family members giving kidneys to their own family members in need. Doctors were able to take a patient in need of a kidney who didn’t have a family member who matched them but did have a family member willing to donate, and find another patient with that same need and a willing relative. But not everyone paired up perfectly, so they had to find a chain of many people willing to do this who matched someone else, and 26 surgeries later, voila, everyone gets a kidney (or a healthier family member) for Christmas. The amazing thing is that three of the donors involved didn’t even have a family member in need. Truly did just give a part of themselves out of the goodness of their own hearts.

Now, that’s one heck of a Christmas exchange.

So many people sacrificing of themselves to give someone else the gift of life, ultimately by strangers helping strangers until the kindness came full circle… If that doesn’t warm your heart on a cold winter day, nothing will.

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