April 29th, 2009

Here we go again

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Written by: Constitution Daily

fluIf it isn’t bird flu or West Nile disease, each year they find something else to get everyone whipped up into a frenzy. I even saw a news report that said stocks were dropping due to the swine flu – or 2009 H1N1 as it should more properly be called. Does it ever stop? Do people continue to believe this junk?

I realize there is a flu strain going around that can be fatal. But when isn’t there? The regular flu…or as I like to call, just being sick – kills around 20,000 people in the United States per year. At our current count, how many in the U.S. have died from 2009 H1N1? Zero. And only seven in the entire world. Oh, and ask Pres. Ford how to handle the swine flu!

Every year we have some health crisis perpetuated by the media with no basis for such hysteria. Even Barack Obama isn’t jumping all over this one. But just wait, give him time. He will be using this most recent exaggeration to push his socialized health care plan. You know his staff is writing a press release right now to explain to the American people how socialized health care would prevent these tragedies… I’m sure brought on by the nasty corporate prescription drug companies.

I find myself wondering what the next one will be? They seem to have a bit of a theme going here. Using some type of bird in the name seems to get the public’s interest up. Of course West Nile didn’t have a bird in the name but it was spread by birds. I’m sure NBC wants it to be called the peacock pandemic. Fox will just copy the other stations and provide some clarity on the issues. Barack Obama will want to represent his culture by calling it the goose flu (Hawaiian state bird). Ted Kennedy just likes to call it hung over. Gronstal will just call it whatever he wants and not listen to anybody else. And finally, Culver will just do whatever Gronstal tells him to do.

And in the end, a few may be affected. But for the other 99.999% of us, we’ll all be fine to live another day under the fear of the next big thing for cable news to talk about.

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