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October 6th, 2009

Healthcare, wellness and personal responsibility

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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funkBy Dave Funk, Candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd District

I spent most of October 1st at the Healthy Iowa event on wellness at the Hy Vee Conference Center in West Des Moines at the invitation of one of my supporters, Doug Richard, President of Holmes Murphy . It was a real education in the fine points of wellness and what we can all do, as demonstrated daily in the private sector, by controlling health care costs. Interestingly enough, despite the lip service paid to wellness and prevention by many liberal Iowa politicians, the State of Iowa has virtually no wellness programs available to its own employees.

The day started out with an excellent presentation by Wally Gomma, President of Trajectory Health in Dallas, Texas about metabolic syndrome and its impact on individual health and society’s health care expenses. An inspiration himself, Wally lost over 142 pounds when he realized that his life was at risk from this very syndrome. Five easily measured factors and a simple ten week program, now being done by dozens of major corporations across America, can reverse the deadly effects of metabolic syndrome. These efforts can and are, having a huge impact of saving lives and reducing sixty percent of medical insurance claim dollars paid out– claims surprisingly generated by only four percent of our population. The easily measured improvements in worker productivity and cost savings clearly show the value of these efforts.

I attended several breakout sessions and had the opportunity to learn from real experts in the wellness field how their company’s bottom lines have been improved in a measurable way by positive return on investment in wellness efforts. Proof once again, if it increases productivity and adds to profitability, the private sector will lead the way.

The day’s events concluded with a reception and an awards banquet.

As a candidate that represents the desires of all Iowans to find real solutions to our problems, I would encourage all of you to learn more about these initiatives toward real health care reform and to not blindly follow the efforts to take over another major portion of our economy through the false claims of reform by the current Congress and Administration. Efforts supported by my opponent and current Iowa 3rd District Congressman, Leonard Boswell.

Let’s make Central Iowa’s 3rd District a leader in wellness the rest of the country can follow.

I would encourage you to learn more about metabolic syndrome by following this link to The American Heart Association.

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