September 2nd, 2009

HD 90 – It’s not Over

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

clayworthcoveredWell, we have a winner in the HD 90 race, but it’s not over.

And, yet again, the Register’s Jason Clayworth is all over another gay marriage story.

You see, One Iowa, the pro-gay extremist group that helped force gay marriage down the throats of Iowans over the last several years is now busy trying to punish their political opponents.

They have filed an ethics complaint with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board against the National Organization for Marriage, a pro-traditional marriage organization that has funded an ad campaign suggesting that GOP HD 90 candidate Stephen Burgmeier would be a better advocate for traditional marriage than his opponent, Democrat Curt Hanson.

Charlie Smithson of the IECDB sent NOM a warning letter last week, and then One Iowa filed an official complaint parroting that warning letter.

The interesting thing is that one of the two points listed in the warning letter appears to be completely without merit. Smithson warns that NOM can’t be taking corporate donations. NOM fires back with the fact that they are a IRC §501(c)(4), and under our bylaws, we don’t take money from corporations.

The second point discussed in the Smithson warning letter (and the subsequent One Iowa complaint is that, “If people are going to donate to your organization for express advocacy activities in Iowa and those donations exceed $750 in the aggregate in a calendar year, your organization will be required to form a PAC and disclose those contributors.”

NOM comes back and says that it did not solicit money specifically for the Iowa race and all of the money it spent on the Iowa race simply came from its general fund. In other words, nobody donated to this organization specifically for express advocacy activities in Iowa.

I don’t know who is right when it comes down to splitting legal hairs on this issue, but it sure is clear that NOM has agitated One Iowa to no end.

First, One Iowa came out all upset that all of this out of state money was coming in to this race. Yet not one of them seemed to care when Colorado residentTim Gill was funneling money (in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) into Iowa from him and his liberal buddies on the coasts.

Now they are upset at the lack of transparency… they want to know exactly who is donating money to NOM. The implication is that, if the donors were public, everybody would be too embarrassed to donate to NOM.

First, I don’t think that NOM donors care. NOM is probably just fighting this for the sake of the fight. Any way they can distract a group like One Iowa from its focus on denigrating the culture at large is a victory for them.

Second, when people like Tim Gill call all of their friends and get them to donate thousands of dollars to candidates because of a specific issue (like gay marriage), he should be forced to form a PAC so that his and his friends’ ulterior motives will be disclosed as well. Coordinating donations without disclosure of that coordination is just as bad, if not worse, than anything NOM has done.

Oh, I’m also waiting for One Iowa to take a principled stand and call for the disclosure of all of’s donors.

I won’t be holding my breath.

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