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October 2nd, 2009

Have you ever wondered why does the “World” love Barack Hussein Obama?

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Written by: Theodore Sporer

Obama SmileThe answer is really very simple.  Barack Obama provides American guilt and impotence.

Others have covered Barack Obama’s willingness to provide Exhibit “A” in the case against America.  The reader, of course, understands that every time our President apologizes for some perceived American wrong or national defect he provides those who already hate us with admissions of wrong doing.  Admissions that, in the end, only serve to reaffirm their grievances against our nation-the nation of which Barack Hussein Obama is the President

A day on which the “World”, acting through that most noble of “World” institutions, the International Olympic Committee, has so utterly rejected the Obama Administration and American interests seems to be an appropriate time to discuss the rather less virile aspect of Obama dysfunction.

The North Koreans greeted the President’s offer of a new, more generous and engaging policy by testing new nuclear devices and nuclear delivery systems. 

The Iranians were promised direct high level talks by BHO, a direct objective of the Ahmadinejad foreign policy.  To sweeten the deal, the Obama Administration apparently agreed to conceal the true extent of Iran’s nuclear program and its proximity to weaponization.  Only after the French and Germans threatened to out President Obama if he did not out the true and imminent nature of the Iranian threat did this Administration disclose that it has known of the existence of a second advanced Iranian nuclear facility for months.

The Communist Chinese continue to reject and obstruct serious United Nations sanctions against Iran if Iran does not stand down its nuclear program. 

NATO refused the President’s request for additional troops and money for Afghanistan.

Even our oldest and closest ally, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland snubbed the Administration’s request to continue the imprisonment of the vile Lockerbie bomber for the prison term he was ordered to serve for killing hundreds of people.  Instead, Gordon Brown, the last significant leftist in NATO (Spain’s socialists have made that nation rather insignificant on the international stage) released Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi to a heroic homecoming by the adoring Libyan street.  It looks like that CD of Obama speeches failed to impress the British after all.

So, unless you believe the rest of the “World” is motivated by a desire to promote American interests-in which case I have some mortgage backed Madoff securities to offer-you had better ask yourself just exactly which nations’  interests the Obama Administration is advancing.

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