September 2nd, 2009

Hanson’s Victory Makes Iowa Safer

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

burtdedRepublicans are reeling after the defeat they suffered last night in House District 90. While those involved are obviously licking their wounds today, activists across the state are upset with the loss and are demanding answers.

While the discussion of what went wrong last night will hang over the Iowa GOP for the next couple of weeks, we are missing part of the story yet again. While I really wanted to see Stephen Burgmeier win last night, I think it’s probably in Iowa’s best interest that Curt Hanson is the newest member of the Iowa House of Representatives.

Confused? Let me try to explain.

We don’t really know much about Curt Hanson. From what I saw on TV, the cows in the district seem to like him because former State Rep. John Whitaker endorsed him. We also know that Hanson is in the pocket of big labor and taught drivers’ education.

It is the latter which makes Rep. Curt Hanson indispensible to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the House Democrats. You may remember that, back in October of 2008, Rep. McCarthy went to the Des Moines Register with a list of every traffic ticket and offense that Republican candidates had racked up over their lives. McCarthy told the Register, “If these candidates were elected to office, it would not be a stretch that we would need to establish night court at the state Capitol, together with a bailiff and maybe bring in Jerry Springer to cover it.”

As we all now know, it wasn’t the Republican candidates we needed to worry about, it was McCarthy’s recruits, specifically Kerry Burt. It should come as no surprise that McCarthy felt the need to recruit Hanson, a drivers’ education teacher, to help mentor Democrats like Kerry Burt before the next election.

One can’t blame McCarthy for not covering his bases before the 2008 elections. How was he to know that his members like Rep. Burt wouldn’t heed the warnings from Courtney Greene from the Department of Public Safety?

McCarthy isn’t messing around this year; he went and got himself his very own drivers’ ed teacher. I can’t wait to see Hanson in the legislative parking lot setting up cones for Burt to drive around.

Again, while it’s unfortunate that the Republicans couldn’t win in this environment, Iowans can feel a little bit safer on the road knowing that Curt Hanson was elected and will be looking out for the motorists of Polk County next January.

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