August 10th, 2009

Grassley Represents the Problem, Not his Constituents

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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get-off-the-road-copyYou know, if I worry about political problems, I shouldn’t be in the Congress. I’ve got to do what’s right,” Senator Chuck Grassley.

I’ve had enough. I expect people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama to ignore the American people, but I expected more from Chuck Grassley. It is becoming very clear that Iowa’s senior Senator believes that he alone knows what’s best for Iowans. He doesn’t want or need any input from those who elected him to REPRESENT us. Instead, he DEMANDS that we trust him to do the right thing.

That doesn’t sound like a representative to me. It sounds more like a dictator.

The funny part of all this is that it comes from the guy who brags about traveling to all 99 counties for county meetings. But you have to ask yourself why he does so. Does he travel all round the state to listen to the concerns of his constituents, or does he travel to all 99 counties to talk at us, and convince us that our slogan in life needs to be “In Chuck We Trust.”

The recent combination of an embarrassing floor speech that Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart aired last week and today’s statement in the Des Moines Register shows that Grassley is out of step with his political party and a majority of Iowans. It’s also clear that Grassley isn’t quite as sharp as he once was either.

I’ll probably get a lot of flack about this, but the situation with Grassley reminds me of an elderly person who doesn’t want to give up their drivers’ license. Look, I would resist giving up my ability to drive too, but when you can’t pass the eye exam and you keep knocking over trash cans along the road, someone needs to step in before you kill somebody.

Grassley is like that elderly person who continues to drive despite the pleas from his family members to get off the road. Instead of hitting trash cans along side of the curb, Grassley is recklessly piloting our country towards socialism. He seems hell-bent to increase entitlement spending by creating a huge new healthcare program, and this isn’t the first time we have driven down this road with Grassley. In 2004, Grassley was a huge proponent of the prescription drug plan, another program with enlarged the federal government’s entitlement spending.

Maybe it’s time for an intervention. Somebody needs to step in and take away Grassley’s license to vote before we cannot recover from the harm that he inflicts on the American people.

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