March 23rd, 2009

Opponents for Grassley and Northey

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News came out over the weekend of two candidates running in statewide races against the unbeatable Senator Chuck Grassley and the well-liked Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey.

Former Democrat state legislator and former state treasurer candidate, Bob Krause of Fairfield, announced Saturday he will be forming an exploratory committee to take on Grassley. Krause is a 59 year old lifelong Democrat who has helped on many campaigns. While doing a little research on Krause, one of the first items to come up on Google is that Krause, as Iowa Democrat Veteran’s Caucus Chair, endorsed Chris Dodd for president saying, “I trust him more than any other candidate to lead the nation when the unexpected occurs.” Dodd is one of the liberal U.S. Senators who paved the way for Fannie and Freddie’s collapse and most recently Dodd stripped the language in the bailout bill allowing AIG and others massive bonuses with taxpayer money. That sure makes me trust Krause almost as much as I trust Dodd. I’m betting he wishes he could take that statement back!

Northey’s possible opponent is an organic farmer, Francis Thicke, also from Fairfield. Thicke has a history of strongly opposing so called “factory farms.” Liberal environmentalists call any larger farms factory farms and, if they had their way, would outlaw them. Thicke is a member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. If you talk about ICCI to any real farmer or livestock guy, you will see their blood boil. Basically, they want to take us back to 1950s farm practices – but keep current EPA rules and regulations. They are environmentalist wackos! If ICCI got control of our farm practices, Iowa would no longer be leading in agriculture.

I don’t think anyone out there can say Northey has done a bad job as Secretary of Agriculture. His chances of winning again are very good but with Republican registration numbers as low as they are, anything is possible – except Grassley getting defeated. Northey is a future star in the Republican Party and we must continue to support his candidacy.

And with both Grassley and Northey on the 2010 ticket, Iowa Republicans have strong coattails. Both speak well for our gubernatorial candidate as well as down-ticket State House races. I realize Northey is floating a trial balloon about the governor’s race himself. Being a practical conservative, I see him doing Iowans a lot of good serving a second term in his present office.

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