September 22nd, 2009

Governor Culver is AWOL – Absent Without Leadership.

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Culver Thumbs UpMike Tramontina, Director of the Department of Economic Development – FIRED

Vince Lintz, Deputy Director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development – FIRED

Thomas Wheeler, Director of the Iowa Film Office – FIRED

Sure, some have “resigned,” but we all know how the system works. They were shown the door. The one thing that I don’t quite understand is why they were all released.

Did Tramontina, Lintz, and Wheeler play the rolls in this scandal that Archie Brooks, Ramona Cunningham, and Jane Barto played in the CIETC scandal?

Why are Iowans left in the dark wondering that the hell is going on? Why are there state trooper cars parked of their office building 24/7? Why hasn’t Governor Culver had a press conference to answer questions about what’s going on?

After taking office in January of 2007, Governor Culver’ office made the following statement about the CIETC scandal:

“Governor Culver believes it’s clear certain people have violated Iowans’ trust, and they should be held accountable in the court of law. He’s pleased both the legal process and the CIETC investigation are moving forward. The Governor thinks Iowans are right to demand a high standard of ethics from their public servants. He is deeply troubled by the past actions of CIETC leaders and is focused on finding ethical and qualified people to lead Workforce Development and make sure this type of thing never happens again.”

Well Governor, it did happen again, and under your watch. However this scandal has the potential to be much larger than the $1.8 million that was involved in CIETC.

Iowans do demand high standards from their public servants, yet for some unknown reason, Governor Culver has not held a public press conference to tell Iowans how this happened.

Iowans have the right to know where their hard-earned money is going. We also have the right to know why three top-level officials with the Iowa Department of Economic Development have been fired.

Governor Culver is AWOL – Absent Without Leadership.

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