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March 10th, 2009

Governor Corzine Works to Connect

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

Jon CorzineHOBOKEN, N.J. — As Gov. Jon S. Corzine ambled down Washington Street during the St. Patrick’s Day parade here on Saturday, hundreds of people greeted him by waving, barking his name or asking him to pose for photos. But once Mr. Corzine passed by, some of those same people began blurting out the kinds of things that one might use to describe an unpopular neighbor, behind his back.

“You’re messing up my state!” yelled one.

“Put on your seat belt!” someone else shouted.

“Hey, is that Codey?” joked another. “We want Codey!”

Three years into the job, Mr. Corzine is still a tough sell or an acquired taste to many New Jersey residents, even in a Democratic stronghold like Hoboken, the place he now calls home. And as his poll numbers deteriorate, with an increasing plurality of people unhappy with his job performance, there is no shortage of people blaming Mr. Corzine for the state’s fiscal woes, singling out his 2007 car accident as the defining event of his tenure, or pining for a more popular politician like the State Senate president, Richard J. Codey.

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